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This paper presents a study of teacher candidates' perceptions of the opportunities to enact practice in teacher education courses. The study draws from the data of a cross-country sample (i.e., Chile, Cuba, Finland, Norway, and the USA).

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Recently, the first report of the OECD International Large-Scale Study TALIS 2018 has been released. The international report covers topics, such as teachers' professional development, their instructional practices, and self-efficacy. LEA has contributed to this international study during the questionnaire development and the implementation of the study in Norway.

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Why do teachers use technology in classrooms? Which factors may determine whether or not they adopt technology for teaching and learning? What keeps students motivated to use educational technology? These questions have initiated a plethora of research on technology acceptance in education, and the debate about why or why not teachers integrate technology in their teaching or students in their learning is ongoing. This special section tries to shed light on some of the answers and highlights the directions for further research in this area.

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The University School Partnership is a collaboration between the University of Oslo and 18 schools in Oslo and Viken

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Together with colleagues, Nils Fredrik Buchholtz has attracted funding for the research project "Math and The City: Learning to Apply Mathematics Outside the School". The project is funded by the Direktoratet for internasjonalisering og kvalitetsutvikling i høgare utdanning (Diku). Congratulations!

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"I find it fascinating to see the differences between languages and what you can do in one language that you can’t do in another", said professor Debra Myhill in a conversation with professors Lisbeth M. Brevik and Eva Thue Wold.

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