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Foto av tomme stoler i et auditorium
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A cross-national study of how the use of tools is situated, experienced, and legitimated in Norwegian and American university programs.

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While teaching and learning are core activities in universities, there is little research-based knowledge on academic developers, who are entrusted to teach university teachers and guide educational leadership.

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The LISA project provide a unique insight into Norwegian classrooms. Photo of researchers discussing by Shane Colvin/ Faculty of Educational Sciences
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The “Linking Instruction and Student Achievement” – LISA study - investigates the impact of different models of classroom instruction on students’ learning by comparing student achievement data with classroom data

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Head of Project: professor Liv Duesund

This project aims to bring forth knowledge that will enrich our understanding of problems and challenges related to disruptive behavior in schools. It also aims to strengthen the link between theory and practice in teacher education in Norway and USA.

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Although we know that the competencies (e.g. oral language skills) young children develop during the preschool years are of major importance for their reading comprehension and academic success in school, little is known about how preschools may prepare children for their future learning and text comprehension.

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