Persons tagged with «Web publishing»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aalby, Anita Adviser 40 48 49 49 Research administration, Research communication, Web publishing
Aarnes, Louise Kristine Adviser +47-22845303 Web publishing, Courses, Research support
Aronsen, Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47-22851674 +47-92402555 (mob) ePhorte, KVU, Events, Parat, PhD, Facilitation, Purchasing, Web publishing, Cristin, Administration
Aulin, Thomas Adviser +47-22858666 Travel, ePhorte, Reimbursements, Advances, Web publishing
Badi, Diana Senior Adviser Strategy, Web publishing, Web editor, Training, Communication
Barkley, Berit Johanne H Higher Executive Officer +47-22840549 Travel, Invoices, Events, Disputation, Cristin, Web publishing
Bentsen, Margareth Senior Adviser +47-22854017 92234043 (mob) Communication, Media survey, Web publishing, Awards
Berg, Anne-Gro Senior Adviser +47-22857776 ePhorte, Training, Archives, Support, Counselling, Web publishing
Bjørknes, Ida Marie Web editor +47 22 85 86 41 +47 952 12 402 (mob) Communication, Web publishing, Web editor, social media
Bjørneng, Ragnhild Adviser +47-22850653 Syllabus, Student and Academic Administration, Courses, Web publishing, Student guidance, Coordinating
Brown, Christopher Martin Senior Adviser +47-22854192 +47-97015910 (mob) Salary, Taxes, Regulations, Internal audit, Reconciliation, Web publishing, Control and Reconciliation Group
Brørs, Birgitte Assisting Head of Office +47-22841117 Admissions, Regulations, Web publishing, Appeals
Chausse, Camilla Marie Senior Adviser +47-22854844 47234806 (mob) + 47-47234806 Communication, Research communication, Press contact, Strategic Communication, Web publishing
Dahl, Birgit Hvoslef Adviser +47-22845692 +47-99702002 (mob) Library, Communication, Internal communication, Management support, Web publishing, Events, Information literacy
Darby, Annabel Adviser +47-22840941 Internal communication, Communication, Events, Strategic Communication, Press contact, Web publishing
Dikova, Maria Senior Adviser +47-22858898 QUINT, Nordic centre of excellence, research administration, research support, communication, web publishing, web editor
Engblad, Erik Bjørnstad Adviser +4799010787 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Press contact
Engelsen, Thea Cecilie Adviser +47-22850505 91009941 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing
Evensen, Camilla Eidsten Senior Adviser +47-22856070 +47-90203552 (mob) Training, Web publishing, Communication, Web editor
Flinterud, Guro On leave Web editor, Research communication, Press contact, Media survey, Copy editing, Internal communication, Web publishing
Fosse, Marit Senior Executive Officer +47-22850120 Research administration, Cristin, External funding, Research communikation, Web publishing
Hagane, Karoline Adviser +47-22854019 Web publishing, Communication, Research communication, Development
Halle, Yvonne Senior Executive Officer 22856346 Student and Academic Administration, Quality of education, Programme descriptions, Courses, Learning environment, Web publishing
Haugan, Camilla Adviser +47-22859924 Oracle (OA), Web Publishing, Administration, HR System, User support
Helleve, Torstein Senior Adviser +47-22856819 Web publishing, Communication, Web editor
Henriksen, Hilde Senior Adviser +47-22858371 Research administration, Web publishing, External funding
Hinden, Ina Høj Adviser +47-22856396 Support, Counselling, Web publishing, Training, ePhorte
Jacobsen, Marianne Adviser +47-22858319 Recognition, Infocentre, Web publishing, Student guidance, Student and Academic Administration, Student life
Janssen, Siri Evju Adviser +47-22850671 Web publishing, Administration, Research support
Johansen, Helene Senior Executive Officer +47-22856207 International Cooperation, Erasmus+, Exchange, Mobility, Joint Degrees, The National Student Database (FS), Web publishing
Jøssang, Kristine Adviser +47-22857104 Student guidance, Quality of education, Student and Academic Administration, Web publishing
Kanestrøm, Jorunn Senior Adviser +47-22850050 +47-98808769 (mob) Communication, Research communikation, Web editor, Web publishing, Press Contact, Photo, Media survey
Karlsen, Marianne Head Librarian +47-22859878 Library, Web publishing, Communication
Kreutz, Johnny Graphic Designer 22 85 99 88 91 39 70 36 (mob) Communication, Graphic Profile, Exhibitions, Graphic design, Web Publishing
Kvarving, Pål Eiolf Higher Executive Officer +47-22844233 Library, Loan, Web publishing
Lade, Eirin Cathrine Senior Executive Officer +47-22850440 Communication, Web publishing
Lund, Anette Clason Adviser +47-22854593 Internal communication, Web publishing
Lunde, Elin Senior Adviser +47-22845070 Communication, Web publishing
Lynnebakken, Terje Senior Adviser +47-22858607 Web publishing, Communication, Web editor
Lørdahl, Anita Pedersen Senior Executive Officer +47-22844069 Library, Web editor, Web publishing, Communication Courses, Loan
Markussen, Marit Gamst Adviser +47-22859758 Recruiting, Human Resources administration, Reporting, Web Publishing
Marthinsen, Therese Næss Webeditor and communication manager (on leave) Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, publishing, Press contact
Mazzarella, Anna Virginia Black Senior Executive Officer - on leave Exchange, PhD, Web publishing, Student guidance
Myre, Steinar Hafto Section Manager +47-22850032 +47-92415962 (mob) Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Internal communication, Press contact, Social media
Neuhaus, Elisabeth Maria Senior Executive Officer +47-22844237 98635585 (mob) Web publishing, Events, Social media, Internal communication, Annual report, Research support, Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Communication
Norborg, Dina Adviser +47-22857714 +47-90607331 (mob) Communication, Web publishing, Web editor
Nøkling, Vibeke Enstrøm Senior Executive Officer +47-22856939 Communication, Web publishing, Research communication
Olafsen, Thomas Senior Adviser +47-22850132 Communication, Events, Internal communication, Research communication, Web publishing
Osdal Runde, Yngvil Studies Web Content Manager 22857723 Web publishing, Canvas, Leganto
Revil, Anne Lau Adviser +47-22854472 Salary payments, Reconciliation, Web publishing, Control and Reconciliation Group, Internal audit
Rosseland, Silje Marie Kile Senior Adviser +47-22845302 45450053 (mob) Internal communication, Press contact, Web editor, Web publishing, Communication, Organizational Communication, Strategic Communication
Røsjø, Bjarne Adviser Communication, science writing, Web publishing
Salte, Steinar Senior Executive Officer +47-22856731 22844506 Web publishing, Human resources administrastion, Infrastructure, Purchasing
Samuel, Marianne Adviser +47-22857143 Library, Web publishing, Web editor
Selnes, Rune Senior engineer +47 22 85 03 02 Local IT support, Social media, Web publishing, Web editor, IT services
Semprini, Elisabeth Kolflaath Adviser +47-22859209 Administrative IT services, Communication, Web publishing, Safety organization, Web editor, Research communication
Smestad, Trine Adviser +47-22858112 Web publishing, Web editor, Communication
Soelberg, Signy Rose Senior Librarian +47-22852192 45243100 (mob) +47 45243100 Web publishing, Loan, EndNote, Library, Literature search, Courses, Reference Manager
Stovner, Anne Serikstad Senior Executive Officer +47-22855934 Communication, Web publishing, Research communication
Strandh, Bente Hennie Senior Adviser +47-22855445 +47-99225848 (mob) Events, Project management, Internal communication, Web publishing, Communication
Stämpfli, Suzanne-Ann Senior Adviser +47-22858635 Web editor, Web publishing, Communication
Stølan, Linn Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22854435 Web publishing, Research administration, Project management, Web editor, Communication
Svanes, Hege Senior Adviser +47-22854110 Web publishing, Communication
Søyland, Marte Jørgensdatter Senior Librarian +47-22117590 Library, EndNote, Communication, Web publishing
Todal, Elisabeth Høgset Senior Adviser +47-90081079 (mob) Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Internal communications
Tønnesen, Håvard Head Engineer +47-22851231 AV services, Applications, Web publishing, Graphic design, Research communication, Macintosh
Willoch, Wenche Editor +47 98 20 31 22 (mob) +47 98 20 31 22 Titan, Editor, Research communication, Web publishing
Øverby, Kari Adviser +47-22858159 Web publishing, Communication, Research communication
Øverås, Mari Strønstad Senior Executive Officer +47-22841604 International, Student guidance, Web editor, Web publishing, recognition