Persons tagged with «education»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Amundrud, Anja Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22840720 +47 47342421 (mob) Education, ICT and learning, EngageLab
Araos Moya, Andres Arturo Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856635 Education, Higher Education, ICT and learning
Arnseth, Hans Christian Professor +47-22855348 +47-92245443 (mob) Education, ICT and learning, USA
Baek, Chanwoong Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22850452 Education, Comparative and international studies, Policy analysis, Sociology of education
Bastiansen, Sofie Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858578 Education, ICT and learning, Classroom research, Higher education
Beck, Eevi Elisabeth Professor +47 22854259 Education, ICT and learning
Beck, Kathryn Christine PhD candidate 95 05 21 51 (mob) Social inequality, education, Health, register-based analysis, Quantitative methods
Bernotaite, Simona Doctoral Research Fellow Education, Digitalisation, Educational Reforms
Bibi, Afshan Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854131 Education, Comparative and international studies, Qualitative methods
Boman, Arild Associate Professor Emeritus +47-22840731 Education, Museums and communication
Borgen, Solveig Topstad Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22845941 Ethnic segregation, Education, Quantitative methods
Born, Victoria de Leon Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93034345 Education, Identity, Modern childhood
Bostad, Inga Professor +47 22842035 +47 93085191 (mob) Education, Fundamental questions in education, Bildung, Philosophy of education, Philosophy, Disability studies, Sceptisim, Philosophy of language, the Nordic Education Model
Brandenberger, Isabel Alexandra Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855381 Education, Workplace learning
Bratlie, Siri Steffensen Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22857738 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Breivik, Jarle Head of Department/Professor +47-22851114 +47-41441985 (mob) Cancer, Genetic and epidemiology, Education, Management, Communication, Evolution
Brock-Utne, Birgit Professor Emeritus +47-22855394 Education, Comparative and international studies, Global South
Bråten, Ivar Professor +47 22855282 +47 909 10 566 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Dolonen, Jan Arild Chief Engineer +47 22840727 +47 40202461 Privacy, GDPR, Research ethics, Data processing, Data management, Education, ICT and learning, EngageLab, Learning analytics
Donolato, Enrica Postdoctoral Fellow Education, Literacy, Numeracy
Eidesen, Pernille Bronken Senior Lecturer Arctic, Arctic plant ecology, Biodiversity, Evolution, Phylogeography, Polyploidy, Education, pedagogics
Elken, Mari Professor Education, Higher education, Governance
Engelsen, Britt Ulstrup Professor Emeritus +47-22855281 Education, Curriculum studies
Enqvist-Jensen, Cecilie Associate Professor Education, Higher education
Erstad, Ola Andres Professor +47 22855216 Education, Modern childhood, ICT and learning, Global South
Esterhazy, Rachelle Associate Professor +47 22858113 Education, Higher education
Evenshaug, Aurora Jacobsen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856162 Education, Fundamental questions in education, Bildung
Garcia Grande, German Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855303 +47-46788674 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Grønning, Terje Professor +47 22855336 Education, Workplace learning, Japan
Grøver, Vibeke Professor +47 22857601 Education, Comprehending and learning from text, USA
Hasu, Mervi Anneli Associate Professor +47 22854336 Education, Workplace learning
Haverkamp, Ymkje Elisabeth Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858130 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Hegna, Kristinn Professor +47 22840711 Education, Modern childhood
Hetland, Per Professor Emeritus +47-98888166 (mob) Education, ICT and learning, Social media, Museums and communication, Global South
Hogstad, Kjetil Horn Lecturer +47 22844883 Philosophy of education, Bildung, Ontology, Education
Hohr, Hansjörg Professor Emeritus Education, Bildung
Hontvedt, Magnus Associate Professor Education, ICT and learning
Jordell, Karl Øyvind +47 98478054 Education, Teacher education
Kaliisa, Rogers Education, ICT and learning
Karlsen, Lisa-Marie Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855281 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Karseth, Berit Professor +47 22855292 Education, Curriculum studies
Kavlie, Anita Senior Adviser +47 22845654 +47 410 86 888 Norwegian coordinator EATRIS, Innovation Manager, Translational Medicine, EU funding, Education, Training, Research Infrastructure
Kleven, Thor Arnfinn Associate Professor Emeritus +47-22856162 (mob) Quantitative analysis of education, Education
Kluge, Anders Researcher +47 22840710 ICT and learning, Education
Knoph, Rebecca Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22857802 Education, Comprehending and learning from text, USA, Language Development, Test Development, Item Response Theory
Kucherenko, Svitlana Comprehending and learning from text, Education
Kvernbekk, Tone Professor, Head of Department +47-22858164 Education, Fundamental questions in education
Lackner, Elisabeth Josefine Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854012 +47 97734619 (mob) Education, Higher Education
Langmyhr, Dag Professor +47 22852450 Education, Programming languages, Document storage, Digital typography, LaTeX
Latini, Natalia Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22857033 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Lawrence, Joshua Professor +47 22858153 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Lekhal, Ratib Associate Professor +47 22855528 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Lervåg, Arne Ola Professor +47 22844701 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Lie, Elin Rødahl Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855607 Education, Bildung
Litherland, Kristina Torine Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840915 Education, ICT and learning
Liu, Fengshu Professor +47 22856163 Education, Modern childhood, Gender, China, Global South
Ludvigsen, Sten Professor 74652 +4795774652 (mob) +4795774652 Education, learning and digitalization
Lundin, Knut Professor +47 23072388 +47-90980325 Education
Magnùsson, Gunnlaugur Postdoctoral Fellow Education, Educational Reforms, Inclusive Education, Marketization
Mäkitalo, Åsa Professor +47 22855033 Education, Workplace learning
Mørch, Anders Professor +47 22840713 +47-48021736 Education, ICT and learning
Mülder, Hannah Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22844427 Education, Higher education
Nilsen, Anne-Gunn Thyrum Section Manager +47 22845044 Management, Administrative management, Education
Nomat, Dilman Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854125 Education, Bilingual education, Preschool, Literacy
Næss, Ellen Marie Lecturer +47 22135287 +47 99713602 Viking Age, Archaeology, Norse mythology, Exhibitions, Education
Opsahl, Toril Associate Professor +47 22 85 82 19 Multilingualism, Sociolinguistics, Education, Discourse Analysis
Ranestad, Kristin Associate Professor +47 22856927 Economic History, Social History, Global history, Technology, Education
Rasmussen, Ingvill Professor +47 22840749 Education, ICT and learning, Dialogic education, CPS, 21st century skill
Rogde, Kristin Associate Professor +47 22857822 Education, Language Development
Rydland, Veslemøy Professor +47 22844776 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Sadorge, Christopher Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858053 Education, Workplace learning, ICT and learning
Sivesind, Kirsten Associate Professor +47 22857609 Education, Curriculum studies, History of Education
Skåland, Gro +47 22858652 Education, ICT and learning, Multimodality
Smørdal, Ole Researcher, Head of EngageLab +4793080473 (mob) Education, ICT and learning, Design-based research, Participatory design, Citizenship, EngageLab
Solbrekke, Tone Dyrdal Professor +47 22844408 +47 91350516 (mob) Education, Higher education, Workplace learning, USA
Steen-Utheim, Anna Therese Associate Professor Education, Teaching and learning, Higher education
Steier, Rolf Erik Jorgenson Adjunct Professor 90692626 Education, Museums, Learning Sciences, Imagination, Design-based research
Stensaker, Bjørn Vice-Rector for Education +47-22844472 +47-99707913 (mob) Education, Higher education
Strømsø, Helge Ivar Professor +47-22858188 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Sutphen, Mary Preston Professor +47 22858007 Education, Higher education, Academic development
Tröhler, Daniel Adjunkt Professor Education, Curriculum studies, Humanities
Tveit, Sverre Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858277 Education, Fundamental questions in education, Comparative and international studies
Ulvund, Stein Erik Education, Child development
Wahl, Hedda Novang Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22852897 Education, Special Needs Education, Mathematical learning difficulties
Wittek, Anne Line Professor, Vice-Head and Head of Studies +47 22858515 Education, Higher Education
Yang, Junyi Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840952 Education, Comprehending and learning from text, China
Øzerk, Kamil Professor +47 22855347 USA, Education, Curriculum studies