Persons tagged with «research support»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aarnes, Louise Kristine Adviser +47-22845303 Web publishing, Courses, Research support
Aastorp, Sissel Adviser +47-22850514 Regulations, Research support, Budget
Abelsen, Trude Section Manager +47-22851447 Financial managment, Finance, Budget, Reporting, Research support
Andresen, Rasmus G. Senior Adviser +47-22858313 Organized research training, (doctoral programme), Project management, Research support, Admissions, Research support
Andresen, Rasmus G. Senior Adviser +47-22858313 Organized research training, (doctoral programme), Project management, Research support, Admissions, Research support
Angelskår, Lene Adviser +47-22858231 Research support
Bakken, Egil Senior Adviser +47-22855506 Research support, infrastructure
Bergsjø, Leonora Onarheim Head of Administration, ATTR Research School 22 85 03 13 Research Support, Ph.d., Research training
Bjørgo, Elisa Head of Office +47-22840608 Molecular biology, HR administration, Strategy, Finance, Management support, Appointments, Research support, Life science, Human resources administration
Blixt, Line Project management, Administration, Research support, Research cooperation
Burnim, Kayla Senior Engineer +47-22844413 motion capture, Motion Analysis, Biomechanics, engineer, Research support
Christie, Vibeke Adviser +47-22850643 Research administration, Regulations, Cristin, Research support, North-South programmes (NORHED)
Clausen, Gina Susanna Senior Adviser +47-22844689 Research support, Research administration, Cristin, Research ethics
Dalsøren, Stine Bjørløw Administrative Manager +47-22845927 External funding, Research support
Dikova, Maria Senior Adviser +47-22858898 QUINT, Nordic centre of excellence, research administration, research support, communication, web publishing, web editor
Eldholm, Marit Project Manager +47-22858862 Project management, Research support, International cooperation, EU, Impact, External funding
Engh, Aasta Karen Senior Executive Officer +47-22857979 +47-41670032 (mob) Finance, Reporting, Department of Biosciences, External funding, Budget, Contracts, ePhorte, Research support, Accounts
Ette, Bonny Alexandre Adviser +47-22851425 Research support
Fierro, Marion Renfang Adviser +47-22851574 Economical reports, project economy, budget and applications, Research support
Fondevik, Helene Adviser +47-22851403 +47-41932169 (mob) Research support
Gjørva, Ingunn Maria Senior Research Adviser +47-22850347 Cristin, External funding, Research Support
Graver, Jenny Adviser +47-22842051 Research support, External funding
Grønning, Ragnhild Adviser +47-22858770 +4792696031 External funding, Research communications, impact, Research support, International relations
Hagen, Dagfinn Administrative Manager +47-22850461 Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX), External funding, Research support, Research administration, Research policy, Research Communication, The Research Council of Norway, H2020, EU
Hverven, Kjartan Senior Executive Officer +47-22844431 Organized research training (doctoral porgramme), Conferments, PhD, Research support
Hvistendahl, Hilde Senior Adviser +47-22855648 EU, International cooperation, Project management, Research support
Høegh-Omdal, Kathrine Senior Executive Officer Research support
Janssen, Siri Evju Adviser +47-22850671 Web publishing, Administration, Research support
Kirksæther, Jørgen Senior Adviser +47-22855618 Research support, Project management, International cooperation, EU
Kraabøl, Bente Lindberg Adviser (+47) 22 85 95 29 (+47) 47 02 69 02 (mob) Research administration, Research support, Budget, Contracts and agreements, External funding
Kvaale, Kaja Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844633 Management, Regulations, External funding, Reseach Politics, Research administration, Research support
Kværk, Geir Senior Advisor +47 22 85 88 60 +47 99 51 37 91 (mob) Project management, International cooperation, External funding, EU, Research management, Research support
Lange, Katharina Higher Executive Officer +47-22855239 Art History, Digital Humanities, Digital learning resources, Databases, Research support
Ligeti, Krisztina Research Coordinator External Funding, Strategy, Project Management, Evaluation, EU, H2020, Horizon Europe, NFR, Proposal Writing, Research Support
Lorens-Thommesen, Marta Senior Adviser +47-22845830 Research administration, Research support
Lönn-Stensrud, Jessica Senior Academic Librarian +47-90850391 +4790850391 (mob) Biofilm control, Bacterial communication interference, Biofilm, Research support, Quorum sensing, Microbiology
Mikalsen, Bjørg Adviser +47-22854360 Research support, Cristin, External funding
Moe, Karoline Senior Academic Librarian 41122557 (mob) +47-41122557 Library, Research support, Algebraic Geometry, Mathematics
Neuhaus, Elisabeth Maria Senior Executive Officer +47-22844237 98635585 (mob) Web publishing, Events, Social media, Internal communication, Annual report, Research support, Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Communication
Nordbø, Thorbjørn Assisting Faculty Director +47-22844331 +47-97675451 (mob) Research support, Organizational development
Noremsaune, Ingse M W Section Manager +47-22855329 +47-99617271 (mob) Research support, External funding, EU, ERC, CoE
Olofsson, Anna Maria Section Manager +47-22850689 Management, Regulations, External funding, Research politics, Research administration, Research support
Otnes, Mari Camilla Risdal Head of Administration +47 228 56883 + 47 48276928 (mob) Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Administrative Management, Financial Management, Research support, Research Cooperation, Research school
Petersen, Stina Adviser +47-22854032 Research support, EU, The Research Council of Norway, External funding, Research Communication, conference, Press contact, Open Access, Project management
Pettersson, Karen Higher Executive Officer +47-22854328 Research support, TeamSMN, SMN, Nafuma
Saidenova, Zhanna Senior Adviser +47-22857890 Research support, External funding, PhD, Cristin, The Research Council of Norway
Salameh, Sarah Adviser +47-22856931 Research support, Research administration
Seierstad, Magnus Senior Adviser +47-22845315 Research administration, Research support, External funding, EU
Seland, Elisabeth Havsberg Adviser +47-22857221 Research support, External funding, Cristin, EU, Webmaster, Alumni
Shadrikova, Arina Administrative Manager +47-22854245 Research Support, Norwegian Centre of Excellence, External funding
Silset, Bodil Administrative Manager +47 22 85 97 63 External funding, Research administration, Research support
Strand, Sofia Anderholm Adviser +47-22851034 +4741394144 (mob) Research support, EU, Quality assurance system for health and medical research
Sørensen, Anette Administrative Manager +47-23066824 +47 97514857 Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Administrative management, Research support, External funding, EU funding, Project management, Gender equality, Anders Jahre's Medical Prizes
Toljagic, Olja Adviser +47-22855649 Research support, EU, Section for Research
Tosterud, Lina Higher Executive Officer +47-22844439 Research support, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN), Events, Purchaser
Valvatne, Kaja Meeg Research Assistant Research support, International relations
Vimberg, Veronika Adviser Research support, Research administration, Contracts, External funding, Legal counselling
Volchenkov, Roman Adviser +47-22851456 Research support
Wandem, Malin Solli Senior Adviser +47-22845808 Research administration, Research support, External funding, EU
Weaver, Kristin Senior Executive Officer +47-22859205 Facilitation, Research support, Events, Administration
Ådum, Mona Østvang Senior executive officer +47 22 85 97 86 +47 97 72 71 84 (mob) Research support, Web editor, Conferences, Safety representatives
Øvsthus, Synneve Adviser +47-22845304 Courses, Organized research training (doctoral programme), Research support