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Get to know CEMO

The Frontier Research in Educational Measurement (FREMO) research group invites you to Get to know CEMO - beyond the numbers!


Get to know CEMO is an event where the Centre for Educational Measurement at the University of Oslo (CEMO) staff showcase their research in a friendly atmosphere. At the event, PhD candidates, postdocs and professoriate staff from CEMO present their research in the following topical areas:

  • Measurement challenges in a modern world
  • Designing tests: Science or art?
  • Beyond item responses: Assessment with new types of data
  • New uses of large-scale assessment data
  • Norwegian assessments: Past, present, and future

Event Description 

This is a one-day online event with presentations nested in 5 sessions, corresponding to the research themes above. Each session is composed of two or three presentations, 10 minutes long, together with a session-based Q&A of 10-15 min. 

There are two ways for you to join the seminar:

1. Join by Zoom (you can interact with the speakers)

2. Join by YouTube (watch and listen only)

Participants on Zoom can comment, ask questions, and interact with the presenters, whereas the participants on YouTube can only watch and listen to the presentation. 

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Time Theme Presenter Title
10:00 ~ 10:15 Opening statement
10:15 ~ 11:00

Session 1 

Measurement challenges in a modern world

Diego Gonzalez 21st century skills and international large-scale assessments
Alexandra Niculescu ADAPT 21: Understanding and measuring students' adaptability in the 21st century
Ronny Scherer Ready for online teaching? Utilizing psychometric network models to make gender differences in teachers' readiness visible
11:00 ~ 11:15   Tea Break
11:15 ~ 12:00

Session 2

Designing tests: Science or art?

Isa Steinmann No, I don’t think I am no good at all! Double negation troubles in mixed-worded questionnaires
Kseniia Marcq Blind side: Exploring item variance in PISA 2018 cognitive domains
Johan Braeken Implementation challenges when making the move to computerized adaptive testing
12:00 ~ 13:00   Lunch Break
13:00 ~ 13:45

Session 3

Beyond item responses: Assessment with new types of data

Jarl Kleppe Kristensen Learning processes - novel pathways to assessment.
Chia-Wen Chen Application of IRT models with response certainty
Björn Andersson Understanding student response styles in computer-based assessments
13:45 ~ 14:15

Session 4

New uses of large-scale assessment data

Wangqiong Ye Enhancing academic resilience in the classroom: a crosscultural comparison of Scandinavian and Asian countries
Denise Reis Costa Item-level analysis of process data from international largescale assessments
 14:15 ~ 14:30   Tea Break
14:30 ~ 15:15

Session 5

Norwegian assessments: Past, present, and future

Jose Arencibia Aleman Teacher grades and External Exam results: Who does better where?
Rolf Vegar Olsen Assessment in Norway: Current status and issues to be addressed
Sigrid Blömeke Examining educational inequality in Norway over the lifecourse and over time
15:15 ~ 15:30   Closing remarks
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