Digital public lecture: The Digital Transition in Educational Assessment. Why assessment will never be the same

In this lecture Professor II at CEMO, Bryan Maddox, will describe profound changes that are taking place in the field of educational assessment with the adoption of digital technologies and artificial intelligence.

Photo of Bryan Maddox.

Professor II at CEMO, Bryan Maddox.

Photo: University of East Anglia.

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As Professor Bryan Maddox will argue, there is no longer any ‘mode equivalence’ between digital first assessments and the paper-based tradition. Assessment will never be the same.  As he will show, digital assessment designs are unruly and disruptive. They involve extensive test taker interaction with digital tools, resources, and non-human agents (e.g., avatars & chatbots). They have personalized item content and accessibility (i.e., non-standardization, inclusion). And they are fun, supporting pleasurable and rewarding test taking experiences. Digital first assessments also involve the stealthy collection, storage and use of ‘process data’ on the ways that test takers engage with test items, and how they formulate solutions to problems. They involve the use of ‘black boxed algorithms’ to interpret student responses and award scores. That presents ethical and pedagogic challenges. However, he will argue that rather than creating a dystopian educational future, the digital transition will make assessment more reliable, enjoyable, and fair. In short, more suited to supporting children’s learning and human flourishing.

About the speaker

Bryan Maddox is Professor of Educational Assessment at the University of East Anglia, visiting Professor (Professor II) at the Centre for Educational Measurement (CEMO), University of Oslo, and Executive Director of Assessment MicroAnalytics Ltd.


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