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Plans first Nordic Master in Assessment and Evaluation

CEMO plans a brand new master's program, under the condition that the centre gets it financed. The program shall educate experts for job markets that require knowledge and expertise in assessment and evaluation.

The master's program has been approved by the Faculty of Educational Sciences and will be targeting Norwegian, Nordic and international students. For this program, CEMO wants to give an offer to students with an interest in designing measurement instruments, analyzing data or linking measurements, as well as users of small- and large-scale data.

Central knowledge in many work arenas

As assessment and evaluation have become essential in education, psychology, health care, human resource management, and other fields, there is a growing demand from both public and private sectors for professionals that bridge the field of academic research and professional practice. The Master in Assessment and Evaluation is the first of its kind in the Nordic region to provide this specialized training.

Program plan.

The approval of the Faculty Board was made under the condition that CEMO receives funding for the program. The next step is to apply for study places at the central level of the University of Oslo. A decision can be expected in the Spring. If CEMO is successful, the program will start up in August 2018.

Wants to recruit dedicated and motivated applicants

Enrollment for international students will be open from September 2017 on, whilst Norwegian students can apply in the Spring 2018. The program will require no prior knowledge except a relevant bachelor degree. Beyond that there is no particular requirement. CEMO does however look for dedicated and motivated applicants, director Sigrid Blömeke says:

– It is important for us to recruit students with a specially developed interest for measuring and analyzing data.

The first year builds a methodological foundation, which is then put into practice in real-world applications during the second year, including the master’s thesis. The language of instruction will be English. CEMO has signed agreement with a broad range of core actors in the field of assessment and evaluation in Norway to be able to offer interesting research opportunities for its master's students.

Published Jan. 20, 2017 12:52 PM - Last modified Oct. 27, 2017 12:50 PM