Digital event: Meta-analysis in R with {metafor}

During the next two weeks, CEMO, together with the local UseR! chapter in Oslo, will be hosting two events on meta-analysis.

Logo of the event/Oslo UseR.

Logo/Oslo UseR.


The first event is Thursday 26. August, at 17:00 (GMT+2), and will be given by Wolfgang Viechtbauer (Maastricht University), the author and creator of the R-package {metafor}.

For more information about this event, and to sign up, see:

The week after, Thursday 2. September 17:00 (GMT+2), we will follow up with a second event, where we will hear from four speakers on extensions to the {metafor} package:

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Diego Gonzalez Campos, Doctoral Research Fellow at CEMO.
  • Introduction to Meta-Analytic Structural Equational Modeling with {metaSEM} by CEMOs very own Diego G. Campos (University of Oslo)
  • Calculating the Statistical Power of Studies Included in a Meta-Analysis Using {metameta} by Daniel Quintana (University of Oslo)
  • Meta-analysis of dependent effect sizes: Robust variance estimation with {clubSandwich} by James Pustejovsky (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Meta-analysis of nonparametric models with {metagam} by Øystein Sørensen (University of Oslo).

For more information about this event, and to sign up, see:

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