Graduation ceremony for the students

Tuesday 15th June the Faculty of Educational Sciences invited all the master candidates at the faculty to an online graduation ceremony.

Illustratration picture by Colourbox.

Illustration, Colourbox.

Master candidates from the programs in Education Management, Education, Special Needs Education, Comparative and International Education, Higher Education, and from CEMOs own master program Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation, participated in an online event.


The graduation ceremony contained the following program:

  • Welcome by Vice-Dean Melanie Kirmess
  • Songs by members of Womans Choral Society of the University of Oslo
  • Speech by Vice-Dean Melanie Kirmess
  • Speech by Ona Bø Wie, Head of department, The Department of Special Needs Education
  • Speech by Dijana Tiplic, Head of Department, The Department of Teacher Education and School Research
  • Speech by Tone Kvernbekk, Head of Department, Department of Education
  • Speech by Sigrid Blömeke, Center Director, Centre for Educational Measurement (CEMO)
  • Speech by master candidate Sigurd Winsnes, on behalf of the students
  • Wrap up by Vice-Dean Melanie Kirmess
  • Song by the Womans Choral Society of the University of Oslo.

Second cohort of graduates from CEMO

This cohort of master graduates is the second to ever graduate from our master program, and we are proud of what they have accomplished. The CEMO staff congratulates the master graduates from CEMO, and all the students at the Faculty, with completing the master programs.

We would also like to thank everyone who has been involved as lecturers, supervisors, examiners and administrators. A special thanks goes to Professor Johan Braeken and Study coordinator Siri Heslien for their great effort in giving the students both professional and administrative support.

Published June 16, 2021 11:54 AM - Last modified June 16, 2021 12:55 PM