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Master Fredrik Helland after the defense together with examiners Sigrid Blömeke (left) and Samuel Greiff (right) and supervisor Johan Braeken (middle). Photo: Øystein Andresen, CEMO

CEMO offers the opportunity to write a Master thesis within the broad field of quantitative educational research. Students should have a general interest in assessment topics and should be willing to learn basic quantitative methods but they do not need to have highly advanced technical skills. The default language is English but exceptions can be made in special cases.

We can suggest potential topics depending on your interests or chances are high that we would be interested in assisting you with developing your own brilliant (but feasible) assessment-related thesis idea. For instance:

  • Examining the perception of standardized testing in Norway (e.g., by doing surveys with teachers/stakeholders or analyzing documents published in the media)
  • Carrying out cognitive labs with small groups of test-takers to trial items (what do test-takers think when they work on an item)
  • Implementing studies with newly-developed test instruments in small groups and then analyzing the quality of the instruments or the results with basic quantitative methods
  • Working on one of the large international comparative studies (PISA,TIMSS) in education that sometimes make it in the news headlines and tackling topics such as social inequality, bullying, teacher beliefs, self concept, country or gender differences in relation to school achievement.
  • Examining the effects of formative assessments and feedback in medical situations (combination of basic quantitative and qualitative methods)

For instance, we have had one master student working on reverse engineering and abstract reasoning assessment with the purpose to construct a modern test design framework that can be used to automatically generate test items and computerized adaptive tests for abstract reasoning. He finished with a good grade in the Spring 2016. You can read his thesis here.



Professor Johan Braeken

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