EARLI JURE SIG 18 & 23 Pre-conference workshop 2016


Dates: 26th - 27th of September, 2016

Place: University of Oslo, Norway

Workshop A: Introduction to IRT: Scaling and DIF

This workshop has been cancelled

Workshop B: Using multilevel modeling techniques in educational research and evaluation

Professor Leonidas Kyriakides and Assistant Professor Charalambos Y. Charalambous from the Department of Education, University of Cyprus

In this workshop we focus on multilevel modelling techniques and their application in educational research. Multilevel Modelling effectively takes into account the inherent hierarchical structure of educational data. Relevant statistical techniques adjust for the interdependence of the observations (e.g. student scores) within the same primary sampling unit (e.g., the school). Moreover, they allow for the assessment of relationships among variables measured at two different levels simultaneously. Ignoring the group level, and conducting the analysis at the individual level, may lead to underestimation of the standard errors and result in invalid statistical tests. The opposite solution – aggregating the data to the group-level and ignoring the individual level – may lead to ecological fallacies. It is therefore important for educational researchers to incorporate Multilevel Modelling techniques in their statistical analysis in order to correctly inform policy and practice on substantive issues of interest.

Thus, in this workshop we provide a brief introduction to the theory behind multilevel modelling and illustrate the main points in our discussion with examples from our own and other research experience. These include examples of multilevel models with random slopes, growth curve models and multivariate models. However, we limit our discussion to multilevel analysis with continuously distributed outcome variables. We only briefly refer to multilevel analysis with discrete (dichotomous and ordinal) outcome variables but mention effectiveness studies which made use of this type of models for participants interested in this type of multilevel models. 

Leonidas Kyriakides has long and recognized experience in research on educational effectiveness and his research has contributed to work on the evaluation of teachers, evaluation of schools and the development of models of educational effectiveness. Charalambos Y. Charalambous has been a lecturer at the Department of Education in the University of Cyprus for several years. His interest focuses on teacher education.

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