Waldir Leoncio Netto

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Visiting address Gaustadalléen 30D None 0373 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1161 Blindern 0318 OSLO
Other affiliations Department of Biostatistics

Academic interests

  • Statistical computing
  • Item Response Theory
  • Test equating

Favorite work tools

Linux, R, VSCodium, git, LaTeX, Markdown, C++, Python.

Current projects

Research papers and book chapters

  • Leoncio, W., Wiberg, M., & Battauz, M.. Evaluating equating transformations in IRT
    observed-score and kernel equating methods.
  • Leoncio, W., & Battauz, M.. A likelihood approach to IRT equating of multiple forms.
  • Costa, D. R. & Leoncio, W.. LOGAN: an R package to analyse log-file data in Large Scale Assessments.
  • Liaw, Y. L. & Leoncio, W.. Generating background questionnaire data with lsasim 2.0.0.

Scientific software

  • lsasim
  • likEquate

Published scientific software

Relevant background

  • 2015–2018 Ph.D. student, Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padua, Italy
  • 2007–2015 Statistician, Attorney-General's Office, Brazil
  • 2001–2005 Bachelor in Statistics, University of Brasilia, Brazil
Tags: Statistics, Computer programming, R, Item Response Theory, equating


  • Vasconcelos, C. C. de, Watanabe, E., & Leoncio, W. (2018). The Impact of Attorneys on Judicial Decisions: Empirical Evidence from Civil Cases. International Journal for Court Administration, 9(2). Source.

  • Leoncio, W., & Wiberg, M. (2018). Evaluating Equating Transformations from Different Frameworks. In Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics (Vol. 233). Source.

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