CEMO awards so far

Photo of Sigrid Blömeke
2019: Sigrid Blömeke received the University of Oslo Research Award for 2019.


2017: Professor II Jan-Eric Gustafsson received the Honorary Doctorate at the University of Oslo for a longstanding contribution to the Faculty of Educational Science and for building up the Centre for Educational Measurement.


2017: Professor Leslie Rutkowski and Professor David Rutkowski receive the 2017 AERA Division D Significant Contribution to Educational Measurement and Research Methodology Award from American Educational Research Association.
2017: Professor Leslie Rutkowski receives the Distinguished Alumni award from the College of Education at the University of Illinois.
2017: PhD student Melaku Tesfa Tesema won the IAEA 2017 Frances M. Ottobre Distunguished Student Scholarship


2016: Director Sigrid Blömeke received the German Educational Research Association (GERA)'s Research award for 2016. The award was handed Blömeke for her outstanding research on the effects of teacher education.
2016: Professor Leslie Rutkowski received the American Psychological Association Division 5 Anne Anastasi Early Career Award for outstanding contributions to assessment, evaluation, measurement, quantitative or qualitative research methods and/or statistics, and promise of outstanding work.
2015: PhD candidate Stephan Daus won the poster prize at IMPS (International Meeting for Psychometric Society), Beijing. Here together with the supervisors Assoc. Prof Johan Braeken and Researcher Trude Nilsen.
2015: PostDoc Ronny Scherer won the ‘New assessment researcher award’ at the AEA Europe Conference, Glasgow, for cutting-edge work on addressing the intelligent use of computer-based assessment and models for problem-solving strategies.
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