Project team

Objective and Team


In this project we develop, integrate, and further refine several statistical methods and assessment designs intended to improve cross-cultural comparability and the local usefulness of scale score estimates, including achievement and correlates, such as motivation, socioeconomic status, and well-being. A secondary objective of the project will be to create freely available software that will produce simulated complex assessment data. This product will allow educational researchers to replicate our findings and to conduct independent basic methodological research on complex educational testing methods and conditions.

Core Team Members

Principal Investigators:
Leslie Rutkowski (co-project manager), University of Oslo, Norway
David Rutkowski (co-project manager), University of Oslo, Norway

Post-Doctoral Researchers:
Yuan-Ling Linda Liaw, University of Oslo
Tyler Matta, University of Oslo (Gustafsson & Skrondal Scholar)

Core Collaborator (Indiana University):
Dubravka Svetina, Indiana University, USA

Johan Braeken, University of Oslo, Norway
Maria-Elena Oliveri, ETS, USA
Andres Sandoval, University of Bath, UK

PhD Candidate:
Kondwani Kajera, University of Oslo

Rolf-Vegar Olsen, University of Oslo
Anders Skrondal, University of Oslo
Matthias von Davier, ETS, USA

Visiting Scholars and Interns:
Valentin Emslander, University of Trier
Yuanyue Wu, Central China Normal University

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