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Process data analysis in problem-solving tasks (PhD-project)

This project focuses on the analysis of process data including the whole human-computer interactive process. We aim to investigate how test takers solve problems and what their problem-solving proficiencies are.

Illustratration photo by Colourbox.

Illustration photo: Colourbox.

About the project

The project uses the process data from the International large-scale assessments such as PISA (the Program for International Student Assessment) and PIAAC (the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies) and applies network analysis and some machine learning algorithms to identify test takers' solution patterns and examine their problem-solving skills.


Computer-based testing (CBT) has gained increasing popularity, which can record the history of everything an examinee does through the course of the assessment. These highly detailed datacapture every step and the corresponding response times an examinee engages in. Such process data provide important information, contributing to improving educational practice.

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