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Research on- and development of grading practices on undergraduate medical student examinations (PhD project)

This project looks at the stability and precision of existing grade setting methods for medical students on the bachelor's level. (Illustration: Haakon T. Haakstad)

About the project

The purpose of this project is to do research on the reliability and validity of existing grading practices which follow from the examinations of undergraduate medical students. The project is part of the general movement towards digitalization of examinations at the Faculty of Medicine. Furthermore, new non-digital test-forms such as “OSCE” (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations) are being introduced. While these new forms of examinations are considered potentially very useful and informative when it comes to evaluate the proficiencies of students, it is necessary to do research that can contribute to ensuring that the grading of students that follow test administration is both consistent (reliable) and believable (valid).


The purpose of the project is to evaluate the reliability and validity of existing grading practices of existing methods of examination, and to explore methods that can potentially contribute to improving these.


The project is funded by the Faculty of Medicine and CEMO.


The Faculty of Medicine.


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