Overview Master Theses

Below, we provide an overview of what our students are/have been working on for their master thesis. The topics vary widely: some more applied, some more methodological, but all related to assessment, measurement, and evaluation. Thesis topics that are pursued in collaboration with an external partner (commercial company or public institute) are listed in a separate subsection.

CEMO Internal

  • Test-taking engagement in solving mathematics digital tasks: Construct validation of observed measures extracted from PISA2012 logfiles
  • Model selection using a stepwise Bayesian information criterion approach in multiple group models with binary data
  • Relative age effects in school outcomes
  • Classification accuracy of equated item response theory scores and sum scores under model specification
  • Pathways to financial well-being: The role of financial literacy, financial capabilities, financial attitudes and confidence
  • Analytical and resampling approaches to account for bandwidth selection variability in estimating standard errors of kernel equating
  • A comparative study on gender differences: The role of early literacy activities, parents' education, and teacher characteristics in the Nordic countries' PIRLS reading achievement

In collaboration with external partners

  • Differential item functioning with matching criterion purification for the examination of item drift in Norwegian language testing
  • Validity and reliability of growth mindset scales
  • Investigating the underlying item characteristics in NIFU's 1+1 test for elementary mathematics
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