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Andre tilknytninger Det utdanningsvitenskapelige fakultet (Student)

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  • Daus, Stephan & Braeken, Johan (2018). The sensitivity of TIMSS country rankings in science achievement to differences in opportunity to learn at classroom level. Large-scale assessments in education.  ISSN 2196-0739.  6(1) . doi: 10.1186/s40536-018-0054-1 Vis sammendrag
  • Daus, Stephan; Nilsen, Trude & Braeken, Johan (2018). Exploring content knowledge: Country profile of science strengths and weaknesses in TIMSS. Possible implications for educational professionals and science research.. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research.  ISSN 0031-3831. . doi: 10.1080/00313831.2018.1478882 Vis sammendrag

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  • Daus, Stephan (2018). Out of tune: Can we hear a bas(i)s for Norway’s decision to move its tested populations one grade up in TIMSS?.
  • Daus, Stephan; Stancel-Piatak, Agnes & Braeken, Johan (2018). Instructional sensitivity of the TIMSS items and test to Norwegian science education instruction.
  • Daus, Stephan & Braeken, Johan (2017). Are TIMSS country scores and rankings sensitive to varying opportunities to learn?.
  • Daus, Stephan (2016). Diving deeper into 'opportunity to learn': Does the 'opportunity to learn'-effect depend upon the content learned and the teacher?.
  • Daus, Stephan (2016). Explaining Difficulties in Large-Scale Assessments: Digging deeper into factors influencing the difficulty of content groups in TIMSS..
  • Daus, Stephan (2016). Exploring Science Content Knowledge: Science Difficulties for Norwegian Pupils in TIMSS.
  • Daus, Stephan (2015). Explanatory Item Response Theory in Large-Scale Science Assessments.
  • Daus, Stephan; Nilsen, Trude & Braeken, Johan (2015). Explaining Item Difficulty Heterogeneity Across Content Groups with Curricular Coverage.

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