Announcement of funds for development of applications and the project aimed at innovation and application oriented research

In recent years, the faculty has received several applications aimed at innovation, and we are aware that this is an area we both need to develop further and also have the potential to develop further in subsequent years. At the same time, in response to the Ministry of Education and Research’s emphasis on decentralised skills development, the faculty has established the unit FIKS. An important task for this entity is to connect relevant research at the faculty with skills development in the school. It is clear that relevant research at the faculty is linked to the field of practice to varying degrees. It is desirable that more initiatives are aimed towards this field.

This year, RCN launched its strategy for innovation in the public sector, and thereby indicated that innovation projects have a more obvious place within the project portfolio. This is also reflected in the announcements directed towards the education sector. Other signs that the Faculty of Educational Sciences’ contributions to innovation within the education sector are becoming increasingly emphasised, is the University of Oslo’s work with social innovation as a part of the university's profile. Likewise, the Ministry of Education and Research’s emphasis on decentralised skills development (DEKOM), and the Faculty of Educational Sciences’ creation of the unit FIKS, can be viewed, in this context, as an expression for the increased emphasis on innovation and R&D work in collaboration with the university and university college sector, and the school owners, school leaders, and teachers. Overall, the Faculty of Educational Sciences sees it as important to increase the readiness in relation to this type of innovation and R&D projects.

Stimulus funds are now being announced for development of project descriptions/applications which may be directed towards RCN’s innovation proposals and/or which may form the basis for collaborative projects related to the DEKOM framework. Planned applications for other announcements directed towards other innovation proposals or collaborative projects aimed at the field of practice may also be considered, for example, thematic issue proposals within H2020.

Who may apply

Academic staff in permanent positions at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.


The stimulus funds should go towards developing project ideas which are relevant to innovation proposals and/or have the potential to be launched for collaborative partners in the DEKOM framework. The funds should be used to develop applications during 2019 that are aimed at innovation proposals, or to develop concepts in cooperation with the education sector which qualify as R&D projects within the DEKOM framework.

Financial support

The funds can be handed out in 2019 and Spring 2020.

Economic support up to NOK 300,000 may be applied for,- in order to cover the costs connected to the preparatory work. The funds should be used for activities/equipment that contribute to the development of the application/project initiative. This could be, for example, costs related to:

 - Workshops

 - Relevant material/equipment

 - Purchase of services

 - Study visit (visit potential partners, model projects)

 - Inviting potential partners

 - Pilot studies

 - Research assistance for the preparatory work

The application must contain:

 - Overview of relevant projects which the applicants have been responsible for, or participated in, over the last 5 years

 - Short description of the project (max. 2 pages)

 - Budget and activity plan

 - Planned partners (e.g. researchers, schools)

 - Current announcement/relevant external funding sources

Application deadlines:

Application deadline is 1 March 2019. The applications should be sent to the Faculty Secretariat. 

Published Jan. 15, 2019 2:58 PM - Last modified Jan. 15, 2019 4:00 PM