Honorary doctorate: Pamela Grossman

Honorary doctorate Pamela Grossman explores the promise and challenges of identifying and teaching core practices in her open lecture "The Dream of a Common Language: Core Practices for Teaching". 

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The Dream of a Common Language: Core Practices for Teaching

Professor Pamela Grossman, University of Pennsylvania, holds an open lecture "The Dream of a Common Language: Core Practices for Teaching" as part of her Doctor Honoris Causa award from University of Oslo in 2020 (celebrations delayed until 2022 due to the Covid-19 break out in 2020).


One definition of a profession posits that professionals share a common technical language to describe their work.  Teaching is often said to lack such common language, making it difficult both for novices to learn to practice and for experienced professionals to talk in depth about their joint work.  Responding to this critique, a number of people have tried to build a foundation for the identification of core or high leverage practices for teaching, around which to organize professional education.  This talk will explore both the promise and challenges of identifying and teaching core practices. 


Pamela Grossman (born 1953) is the Dean of the Graduate School of Education and the George and Diane Weiss Professor of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, and emerita professor, Academic Council, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University. Throughout her professional career, Professor Grossman has made unique and longstanding contributions in the disciplines of educational sciences through her seminal work on teaching, teacher education and teachers’ professional learning.

Professor Grossman’s scientific contributions include methodological and conceptual innovations in ways of studying teachers, teaching and cross-professional learning and a research program for systematic programmatic research that bridges theory and practice within studies of teaching and learning. Grossman is at the forefront of rethinking how teachers are educated and studying the connections between the quality of their classroom practice, the support they receive, and the likelihood they remain in teaching. Grossman publications have high outreach and impact and set standards for research design and conceptual frameworks around the world.


14:00-14:05 Welcome by Dean Rita Hvistendahl, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo
14:05-14:45 Open Lecture "The Dream of a Common Language: Core Practices for Teaching", Professor Pamela Grossman, University of Pennsylvania
14:45-15:00 Q&A


Areas of expertise

  • English education
  • Literacy
  • Literature
  • Professional/staff development
  • Teacher community
  • Teacher education and certification



This is an open lecture, no prior registration is required. First come first served basis if number of guests exceeds the allowed capacity.

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Honorary doctoral degree at University of Oslo


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