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Boost your research career

Join UV’s "Research Skills Development Week" in mid-October, a week packed full of useful tools, techniques and resources that will make you a better researcher.

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Don't miss the insights of week 42 and the chance to develop your academic self. Illustration photo: Unsplash

Make a note of week 42, because this fall, we're trying something new!

From the 17th to the 21st October, researchers at the UV faculty can participate in a wide range of courses on data management, project management and communications to help boost your career.

“The week reflects many of UV's ambitions on career development for early-career researchers”

“The week reflects many of UV's ambitions on career development for early-career researchers as well as competence development in key areas in the research process and in dissemination for all UV staff. Indeed, many of the seminars have been made by demand from UV researchers”, said Erik Knain, the faculty’s vice dean for research.

Make sure you sign up for your favorite course today - deadline for signing up is October 10., but spaces are getting scarce already - some are fully booked already!

This is what you can expect during "Research Skills Development Week":  

Courses on project management

Research projects are characterized by a high degree of uncertainty and complexity. A course by Hiwa Målen, former researcher and now senior research adviser at division of research and innovation, University of Bergen, will help you as a project manager to understand and plan research projects to minimize risk and ensure effective implementation.

Other courses on project management include insights into how you can best prepare for a research proposal and how to manage risk.

We also offer an introduction course to open access publishing. You will learn about the requirements from research funders, self-archiving, licenses, and how to publish through UiO's publishing agreements. Sign up now!

Courses on communications

A social media talk by Daniel S. Quintana, senior researcher at the Department of Psychology (UiO) and the winner of UiO Young Researcher Award in 2022, will provide some practical tips on how to share your work and build collaborations through SoMe, free of gatekeeping, with a special focus on Twitter.

Or why not learn more about storytelling in academic writing? Indisputably, most academic texts are nothing like Hollywood blockbusters, but a research paper can still benefit from strategic use of storytelling to make the research clear, engaging and readable. Look for author Dr. Åsmund H. Eikenes’ session.  

You will also get the chance to meet and learn from your own communications staff. See the whole list of courses.

Courses on data management

One of the plenty sessions we offer on data management, will go through primary aspects of data management including data management plans, classification, storage, organization, FAIR, persistent identifiers, licenses, and archives.

Other courses on data management and privacy, will teach you how to use TSD, how to design consents, how to use Zoom for collecting red data, and much more. Some of these courses are essential for newcomers to UV.

Yes, the rumor is true: the dean has accepted a trial lecture!

As we know, PhD-candidates have to face a unique and excruciating examination no other student group has to, namely the trial lecture, a lecture uncoupled from their research, where we get to see how good of an orator they are.

Well, in week 42, we have turned the tables. On Wednesday, the vice dean for research will hold a trial lecture over a topic the PhD-candidates have chosen, in the ultimate form of academic reprisal. Don't miss it.

And did we mention that we plan to end the week on a superbly comic-academic note? Mona Abdel-Fadil asks what it really takes to become a successful academic. Through a gallery of professors with enticing names such as Nicholas Nostalgie and Hara S. Mint Ford, we gain insight into how one best can cope with the increasing demands for gender equality and diversity in academia, and the world at large.  

Remember to sign up for your favorite courses. They are filling up quickly, some are already fully booked!

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