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Information about the corona virus for students at the Faculty of Education

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Where do I find information?

Information about changes in your courses will be given in the Canvas room/semester page for each course. Please continually check the updates for these. UiO's information pages are updated regularly. Please remember to check your UiO email regularly.

Please contact the UV Student Information Centre by mail or phone if you have any questions.

Buildings and reading rooms

Some reading rooms are open, with seat reservations. The reading rooms at Helga Eng are not among the firsts to open.

If you need to pick up books or other belongings from lockers or study halls, please contact UiO's Security Operation Center by calling 22 85 50 07.

New guidelines state that universities can reopen from the 15th of June – as long as the infection prevention measures are maintained. The University will provide more information on this in week 25

Please see the University's general infection prevention measures.

All lectures and seminars on campus are cancelled

Information about digital lectures will be published in the Canvas course rooms and semester pages.

Examination and master's thesis

All exams in Silurveien are cancelled this semester. 

Information about any changes with examinations are published in Canvas and on the semester pages.

During the spring semester 2020, UiO allows self-notification in case of absence from exams. If you are ill or in quarantine during an exam, you can send us an online message without attaching documentation.

Students with valid reasons for absence from ordinary examinations can apply for a postponed examination or an extended deadline.

Is lack of equipment or your home situation making exams difficult?

Exams and masters thesis for studenter at ISP and IPED

1) Exams and assessment

  • All exams will be conducted, but they may have been rescheduled. Check the semester page for your respective course regularly.
  • School exams will have been changed to home examinations, and in some cases oral exams. For courses where this is applicable, information is found on the semester page.  
  • All exams will be assessed according to the original grading scale.

2) Extended submission deadline for master’s theses.

  • The submission deadline for Master’s Theses Spring 2020 is extended from May 29 to June 30.
  • Students who, due to the situation around the coronavirus outbreak, are unable to complete the master’s thesis by June 30, may apply for postponing the thesis submission until July 31.  The further extension of the deadline is only granted if justified by weighty reasons in line with the criteria listed below. The application must be submitted through an online form (link will be published on Canvas soon) Your supervisor must consent to the application. The applications will be processed by a team appointed by the department.
  • Criteria for postponing the submission until July 31:
    • Significant delay in data collection making it impossible to complete the thesis as planned
    • Significant delay due to the need to make changes in the Master’s Thesis which must be notified to and approved by NSD and/or REK.
    • Significant delay due to child care as a consequence of closed kindergartens and schools (for children under 12 years and/or children with special needs)

3) Supervision

Master’s Thesis supervision is carried out as planned by email,  Skype or other digital channels.

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