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Coronavirus: Information to PhD candidates spring 2020 at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

The University of Oslo follows advices from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. We ask all our candidates follow the information at the University web site.

Se also information about right to care allowance and extended appointment

Last updated 14 May 2020 

All UiO's buildings were closed on Thursday 12 March 2020 at 6 p.m. and will remain closed until after Easter for the time being.

Many UiO employees are still working from home, although UiO now is slowly opening up again.  For more information, please find several questions and answers about the coronavirus situation here.  

UiO employees, including our Ph.D.- candidates  with a workplace at UiO, may now in agreement with their head of their department make plans for using their office at UiO again.  

Ph.D.- candidates with a workplace other than UiO must adhere to the guidelines at their workplace.

Some points concerning the research education:

The information below applies to the spring semester 2020. The faculty will come back  to you for information concerning the autumn  semester 2020.

PhD courses

The Faculty is planning and clarifying digitalizing the teaching for this spring semester and will find good arrangements for submission of course documentation. The online course directory will be updated continuously. 

The research seminar / the mid-term assessment

The mid-term assessment will be implemented using digital aids for the time being.


The Faculty encourages supervision to be provided via Zoom or other digital aids, as long as the authorities’ measures to prevent infection are applicable.

Submission of the dissertations for evaluation

The Faculty has decided to manage the submission of dissertations for evaluation by e-mail. The documents that must be delivered are the same as always, referring to the information here, and the case processing will proceed as usual. The e-mail for submission should be sent to  Anne Elvigen Evandt <> or It is requested that you create a zip file of all the documents required to handle the case and send the zip file to the mentioned e-mail addresses above. Ordinary mail will go with great delays in the period we are in now. As usual, candidates will receive a copy of the proposal for a committee and then a copy of the nomination letter by e-mail.

The dissertation and documents are sent to the committee digitally by special digital tools. The Faculty hopes this routine will not delay the candidates or the case processing to any great extent.

The disputation

The University has developed routines for digital disputations and the Faculty will follow these plans. The Faculty postponed three disputations before Easter. Plans will now be set up to implement these in accordance with UiO's digital disputation routines and adjusted information will be posted online continuously. The Faculty will contact the evaluation committees in this context. In addition, the Faculty is planning for upcoming disputations this spring based on UiO's developed routines for digital disputations on a timely basis as planned before the corona eruption.

Traveling/studying abroad

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travels abroad that are not strictly necessary and also asks all Norwegians travelling to consider returning home to Norway safely in consultation with their travel agency or airline.

All persons who have traveled abroad must stay at home in quarantine for 14 days from the date of return. For more updated information, please visit

Application for admission to the PhD programme

Although the University is closed, admission applications will be processed as they come in. Candidates who wish to apply for admission to the PhD programme, must for the time being, create a zip file of all the documents required to process the case and send the zip file by e-mail to the postal reception . Read about the Faculty's doctoral programme here.

Contact information

If you are a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Educational Sciences and have questions about how the Coronavirus affects you during the doctoral programme or your PhD admission, please contact us.

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