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Student innovation grants awarded

The faculty's student innovation grant awardees are announced. In addition to financial support, they will have the opportunity to collaborate with Engagelab on design and concept development. The chosen projects all have creative ideas about changing learning situations. Congratulations to Tony Tan (CEMO), Jayeong Song (CEMO) and Fredrik Brarud (ISP). 

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The three projects

Out of eight applications, three were selected. The projects will look into the relationship between maths and music for in-depth learning, developing a smart interface for LMS (learning management system) for teacher and student, and developing an algorithm based tool for planning your own online education. Jayeong describes her project this way:

My project ‘your school’ is developing a tool to organize one’s own learning path using the MOOCs (the free online courses that are made available for anyone to study). Imagine the Netflix that recommends your own learning course! 

Potential outcomes

Ole Smørdal is the Head of Engagelab. He arranged a workshop for potential applicants, and will be helping the winners further. In his opinion the projects may have potential for further developments within UiO's innovation programmes. He also believes they will make good cases in a master thesis.

Dean Sten Ludvigsen hopes that the students involved will gain valuable experience merging theory and experience with creating specific designs. They can test how and what students learn in specific situations. 

More knowledge about learning design

When asking the Dean what the faculty wishes to accomplish through these projects, he answers: - We'd like to acquire more knowledge about specific learning designs in the faculty's study programmes and courses, and to find which mechanisms will motivate the students to get involved in innovation. This will also provide the students a path into research on digital designs. The students have experiences and knowledge that can enhance learning design, and have a different insight that can help strengthen the students' perspectives in the future.

The students' plans for the future

The Dean hopes that this is an opportunity for developing the innovative ideas and give the students experience with design methods that they can benefit from. Jayeong has realised that she wants to continue to develop technological solutions for education also in the future. Tony considers living, learning, researching and innovating inseparable, and is therefore proud to be living the best life. He's looking forward to starting his project:

I look forward to seeing a day where good education theories can be routinely practised in every classroom and in all assessment tasks, rather than a remote memory from one’s teacher training courses. Following Kahoot!, I also look forward to bringing about another Norwegian success story in education infrastructure that benefits both teachers and learners at minimum cost.

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