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Picture of Richard Nesnass Nesnass, Richard Senior Engineer +47-99871678 EngageLab, IPED
Picture of Hoang Bao Ngo Ngo, Hoang Bao Head Engineer +47 97793482 +47-97793482 EngageLab
Picture of Guri Engernes Nielsen Nielsen, Guri Engernes Lecturer + 47 22 85 55 18 Educational audiology, Audiotherapy, Aural rehabilitation, Tinnitus, Hyperacusis/ Decreased sound tolerance
Picture of Sandra Rebekka Nielsen Nielsen, Sandra Rebekka Senior Executive Officer +47 22856433 Web, research administration, PhD
Picture of Trude Nilsen Nilsen, Trude Researcher +47 22854817 LEA, TIMMS, LEA,  EKVA,  TIMSS,  Quantitative methods, Qualitative methods
Picture of Sven Nilsen Nilsen , Sven Professor Emeritus Inclusive Education, Special Education, Curriculum Studies, Educational Reforms, Individual Education Plans, Evaluation research, Bullying.
Picture of Dilman Nomat Nomat, Dilman Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854125 Education, Bilingual education, Preschool, Literacy
Picture of Courtenay Frazier Norbury Norbury, Courtenay Frazier Adjunct Professor
Picture of Guri Nortvedt Nortvedt, Guri Associate Professor +47 22854332
Picture of Judit Novak Novak, Judit Associate Professor +46 70 73 48 483 Governance, Education Law, Policy analysis, Curriculum studies, Marketization of Education.
Picture of Geir Nyborg Nyborg, Geir Associate Professor +47 22859182
Picture of Hanne Skjølås Nygaard Nygaard, Hanne Skjølås Adviser +47-22855332 Personnel administration, Recruiting, Employment, Absence, Leave of absence
Picture of Kenneth Nymoen Nymoen, Kenneth Head Engineer +47 22844824 Local IT support
Picture of Kari-Anne Bottegaard Næss Næss, Kari-Anne Bottegaard Professor +47 22859163 +4792240741 Special Education, Special Needs Education, Language and Learning, Stimulation and Preventive Strategies, Developemental Disabilities
Picture of Astrid Helene Olsen Olsen, Astrid Helene Senior Executive Officer +47 22858626 Study administration, Inspera
Picture of Celin Marie Hoel Olsen Olsen, Celin Marie Hoel Senior Executive Officer +47 22857614
Picture of Martin Eek Olsen Olsen, Martin Eek Senior Executive Officer +47 22845753
Picture of Maren Omland Omland, Maren Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840714 Education, ICT and learning
Picture of Torgeir Onstad Onstad, Torgeir Senior
Picture of Sara Elisabeth Sellevold Orning Orning, Sara Elisabeth Sellevold Senior Lecturer +47 22858109 Feminist theory, Gender, Bodies, Equality, History, Health, Literature, Film, Disabilities
Picture of Snorre Ostad Ostad, Snorre Professor Emeritus +47 22858079
Picture of Annelie Ott Ott, Annelie Doctoral Research Fellow 0047 944 844 92
Picture of Eli Ottesen Ottesen, Eli +47 22854280 Professional learning, Teacher education, teaching and learning, Educational leadership and school development
Picture of Joachim Pacheco-Lie Pacheco-Lie, Joachim Chief Executive officer +47 228 41 838
Picture of Vivi Pedersen Pedersen, Vivi Senior