Research at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

The Faculty of Education is Norway’s only integrated educational science institution, and one of the largest institutions dedicated to educational research in Europe.

About our research

Our research areas cover a substantial part of the broader field of educational science. The faculty has traditionally focused on socialization and education, teaching and learning within the educational system as a whole, within the family environment and individuals as members of social systems.

These theoretical underpinnings have laid the groundwork for more recent interdisciplinary research on digital learning environments, on leadership of educational institutions, and on professional learning and knowledge management within both private and public sector institutions.

Within the broad spectrum of research areas that the education field spans, the faculty has prioritized the following:

Prioritized research areas

  • Teaching, learning and subject didactics
  • Educational leadership, school reform and education governance
  • National and international studies of competence development from pre-school age to adulthood
  • Humanities studies in education
  • Higher education and workplace learning
  • Children and youth: Identity, learning trajectories and education
  • Language development, text comprehension and literacy
  • Special needs education
  • Teacher education and professional development in schools
  • Culture, cognition and technology: learning in digital environments

More about the ten prioritized Research areas



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