Prioritized research areas

The Faculty's research priorities over the next 10 years are set out in the Faculty Strategic Plan 2010 - 2020, where the main objective states:

"The Faculty of Educational Sciences shall strengthen its position as one of the leading European academic environments in educational sciences through a mutually reinforcing interplay between research, education and dissemination."

Eight prioritized research areas emerged through the Faculty strategic process (pdf):

  1. Classroom research and subject didactics
  2. School governance, educational leadership and organization
  3. Comparative and international education studies
  4. Humanitities studies in education
  5. Higher education and workplace learning
  6. Modern childhood: Children and youth educational trajectories
  7. Language development, text comprehension and learning from multiple information sources.
  8. Special needs educational research

These eight prioritized research areas are reflected in the faculty research groups. In addition, the University of Oslo has established seven inter-faculty research initiatives, where UV was assigned special responsibility for Education in Schools (CIS).

The faculty's Annual Plan 2011-2013 describes short term goals and objectives in more detail.

Faculty of Educational Sciences Annual Plan 2010.

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