Teaching and research on comparative and international education

The Department of Educational Research runs a two-year Master’s programme in Comparative and International Education (CIE). The programme caters to international students and recruits particularly from Africa, Asia, Europe, including Norway, and North America. The programme aims at a broad introduction to the field of CIE, its theoretical orientations, key concepts and issues. It has a particular emphasis on issues of Equity, Quality and Relevance. These are explored from international and national perspectives as related to policy, planning and practice.
Staff in the Department have over the years conducted research in the area of CIE. These cover issues related to, for example, youth, gender, citizenship, language in education,  ICT,  and relationships between international and national development processes as exemplified through aid to education. The research has covered a number of different countries particularly in Africa, Asia and Europe.  

Tags: comparative studies, international education
Published June 10, 2011 2:12 PM