MESA: Measurement and Evaluation of Student Achievement

At the core of the MESA’s research activities are several measures of students’ achievement, covering a range of school subjects and age groups.

The researchers in the group are affiliated with the Unit for Quantitative Analysis in Education (EKVA) at the Department for Teacher Education and School Research. The research group has privileged access to data from several national and international studies of students’ achievements (eg. PISA, TIMSS, ICCS, ICILS and National Assessments of Reading). In addition to achievement tests in a range of school subjects these studies typically also collects a rich source of data on students’ home background, their use of learning strategies, their motivational preferences, their educational aspirations and data describing the classroom and the instruction they have received. Furthermore, the data typically reflects a nested structure where students are nested within classrooms, which are nested within schools etc. Questionnaires to school leaders and teachers are used to collect data at the higher levels in this nested structure. The research group makes use of the data to answer a wide array of questions in educational research.

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