International Adoption and Migration: learning, identity and competence

The research group covers research areas related to international adoption and migration.  Norway has over the last thirty years become a quite multicultural society. To be able to meet the needs of children and young adults with different background, we have to develop more knowledge and competence focusing on culture, learning, language, social development and identity.

About the group

The group consists of two professors, four associate or first professors and one PhD student. The unifying theme of the research group is mastering new life conditions at home, in kindergarten, at school, and in society due to either international adoption or migration.


Three research project are focusing on international adoption:

  • Internationally adopted children’s social development
  • Internationally adopted children’s language development from 4 to 11 years
  • Social interaction within families with internationally adopted children


One ongoing research project has a focus on international migration:

  • The practice of Neighborhood Schools in a multicultural residential area
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Head of the research group

Monica Dalen