UV9919V1- Researching Multilingualism in Education: Methods, Analysis & Dissemination

Research on multilingualism in education is in an era of expansion and transformation; developments in society caused by globalisation have created new concerns in schools and communities, to which educational researchers must respond. In mainstream educational provision, there are growing tensions between diversity and inclusion in relation to language, while in marginalised language communities there are long-standing concerns for equitable representation and participation in educational provision. Researchers working in this area draw on a range of methodological approaches and analytical techniques in order to answer the various questions that arise related to the provision of quality education in diverse settings. No single methodological approach can answer all of the questions in this domain, and it is valuable for young researchers to gain familiarity with a variety of methodologies and related data analysis techniques.

This course will examine several methodological approaches and data analysis techniques commonly employed in this domain, and guide participants in collaborative data analysis. The course will consist of lectures and collaborative data analysis sessions, drawing on data provided by the facilitators and participating PhD candidates. The process of writing and disseminating results will also be discussed, with the aim of preparing participants to produce research which reaches wider audiences and may inform education policy and practice.

Published July 25, 2019 1:02 PM - Last modified July 25, 2019 1:06 PM