Participants in Studies of Instruction across Subjects and Competences (SISCO)

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Ingrid Rodrick Beiler Doctoral Research Fellow English teaching, Multilingualism, Classroom research, Writing, Teaching and learning, Sociolinguistics, Language acquisition, Linguistic ethnography, English
Marte Blikstad-Balas Professor 90824582 90824582 (mob) Literacy, Reading, Writing, ICT and Learning, ICT, classroom-research
Lisbeth M. Brevik Associate Professor and PhD coordinator +47 22856330 +47 90036500 (mob)
Gøril Brataas Doctoral Research Fellow +4795186788 (mob)
Joke Dewilde Associate Professor Nordic, multilingualism, linguistic ethnography, sociolinguistics, Literacy
Gerke Doetjes Associate Professor +47 22844851
Ida Lodding Gabrielsen Doctoral Research Fellow
Vanja Røkkum Jahnsen Doctoral Research Fellow
Inga Staal Jenset Associate Professor 22855042 98853440 (mob) 98853440 Teacher education, Practice, Classroom research, Instructional quality
Kirsti Klette Professor +47 22855285 +47 93446608 (mob) USA, Nordic, QUINT, Nordic centre of excellence
Karsten Korbøl Lecturer +47 22844864 99232327 (mob)
Mai Lill Suhr Lunde Researcher +47 22857606 +4792214935 (mob)
Leif Christian Lahn
Jennifer Maria Luoto Doctoral Research Fellow
Camilla Gudmundsdatter Magnusson Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93201481 (mob) 932 01 481
Nora Elise Hesby Mathé Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22844463
Ulrikke Elisabeth Rindal Associate Professor +47 22854152
Astrid Roe Senior Researcher +47 22844400
Henriette Hogga Siljan Associate Professor
Mari Sjøberg
Roar Bakken Stovner Doctoral Research Fellow
Pia Sundqvist Associate Professor +47 22855045 +46 76 8496226
Eva Thue Vold Professor +47 22855052
Peter Nicolai Aashamar Doctoral Research Fellow 93098107
Mark White Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22844498
Alexander Jonas Viktor Selling Doctoral Research Fellow