Participants in Studies of Instruction across Subjects and Competences (SISCO)

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Ingrid Rodrick Beiler Doctoral Research Fellow English teaching, Multilingualism, Classroom research, Writing, Teaching and learning, Sociolinguistics, Language acquisition, Linguistic ethnography, English
Marte Blikstad-Balas Professor 90824582 +4790824582 (mob) Literacy, Reading, Writing, ICT and Learning, ICT, classroom-research
Lisbeth M. Brevik Associate Professor and PhD coordinator +47 22856330 +47 90036500 (mob)
Gøril Brataas Doctoral Research Fellow +4795186788 (mob)
Joke Dewilde Associate Professor Nordic, multilingualism, linguistic ethnography, sociolinguistics, Literacy
Gerke Doetjes Associate Professor +47 22844851
Ida Lodding Gabrielsen Doctoral Research Fellow
Vanja Røkkum Jahnsen
Inga Staal Jenset Associate Professor 22855042 98853440 (mob) 98853440 Teacher education, Practice, Classroom research, Instructional quality
Kirsti Klette Professor +47 22855285 +47 93446608 (mob) USA, Nordic, QUINT, Nordic centre of excellence
Karsten Korbøl Lecturer +47 22844864 +4799232327 (mob)
Mai Lill Suhr Lunde Researcher +47 22857606 +4792214935 (mob)
Leif Christian Lahn
Jennifer Maria Luoto Doctoral Research Fellow
Camilla G. Magnusson Lecturer +47 93201481 (mob) 932 01 481
Nora Elise Hesby Mathé Associate Professor +47 22844463
Ulrikke Elisabeth Rindal Associate Professor +47 22854152
Astrid Roe Senior Researcher +47 22844400
Henriette Hogga Siljan Associate Professor
Mari Sjøberg
Roar Bakken Stovner Doctoral Research Fellow
Pia Sundqvist Associate Professor +47 22855045 +46 76 8496226
Eva Thue Vold Professor +47 22855052
Peter Nicolai Aashamar Doctoral Research Fellow 93098107
Mark White Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22844498
Alexander Jonas Viktor Selling Doctoral Research Fellow

Other participants