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Behavioural Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD)

The research group BESD serves to develop research-based knowledge about a diversity of psychosocial difficulties, reasons for these difficulties, and relevant interventions in both national and international contexts.

There are many different aspects of psychosocial difficulties. The BESD research gorup explores them. (Illustration:

About the group

Psychosocial difficulties as a research field have high actuality in today's society. Both media and research emphasize that children / youths / adults are struggling with psychosocial difficulties. Central institutions such as schools, day care centers, homes and various leisure arenas find this difficult approach to these children / youth / adults. Thus, research illustrating different conditions / factors related to psychosocial problems is both useful and necessary.

Psychosocial difficulties involve external and internal behavioral disorders, mental disorders and behavioral problems associated with various neurological conditions. The problems involve lack of social competence, bullying and harassment, violence and abuse, anxiety and social withdrawal and general unrest in school and kindergarten. Psychosocial difficulties inhibit active and positive participation in society and are thus an obstacle to being part of a positive learning community. 

When the term psychosocial difficulties is used, it can be associated with an individual understanding of the difficulties, that is, a perception that the difficulties lie primarily in the single child himself. However, the environment is also of great importance, environmental factors can both cause, maintain and ease psychosocial difficulties. Research in the field thus includes both individual, collective and systemic conditions, in kindergarten, school and in society as a whole. 

The research group aims to develop research-based knowledge about different aspects by psychosocial functioning in children, adolescents and adults. Different difficulties, reasons for the difficulties, and relevant interventions are also a part of the group´s research.

The group members are involved in quite different projects and have different research profiles. In this diversity, we are aiming to develop psychosocial difficulties as a research field both nationally and internationally. The group members represent different thematic and methodological skills; have different international research networks, as well as different contextual experience and understanding. This span implies a dynamic that gives the group an interesting and constructive cooperation.

Research activities

Academic programs and courses

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