Participants in Curriculum Studies, Leadership and Educational Governance (CLEG)

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Tor Colbjørnsen Senior Lecturer +47 22855283
Britt Ulstrup Engelsen Professor Emeritus +47-22855281 Education, Curriculum studies
Silje Kristin Gloppen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 99690769 (+47) 99 69 07 69
Ann Elisabeth Gunnulfsen Associate Professor +47 22858557 +4797759928 (mob) +47 97759928 Educational leadership, school leadership, learning and education, micro policy, large scale testing, data use, curriculum studies, teaching and learning
Jeffrey B. Hall Associate Professor (+47) 22857617 Educational Law, Educational Leadership, Governing and governance, School Inspection
Kristin Helstad Associate Professor +47 22854066 +47 95273101 (mob)
Bernadette Hörmann Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858151 Education, Fundamental questions in education, Comparative and international studies
Ruth Jensen Associate Professor +47 22844857 +4745411604 Educational Leadership, Educational Leadership and organisational learning
Berit Karseth Professor +47 22855292 Education, Curriculum studies
Eivind Larsen Doctoral Research Fellow
Jorunn Møller +47 22857618 +47-95901843 Educational Leadership and organisational learning, Education Governance, School Reforms, Education Policy and School Evaluation
Eli Ottesen Professor +47 22854280 Professional learning, Teacher education, teaching and learning, Educational leadership and school development
Kirsten Sivesind Associate Professor +47 22857609 Education, Curriculum studies
Guri Skedsmo Associate Professor +47 22857622
Judit Novak Associate Professor +46 70 73 48 483 Governance, Education Law, Policy analysis, Curriculum studies, Marketization of Education.
Ida Cheyenne Martinez Lunde Doctoral Research Fellow
Anne Gry Fadum Carlsen Doctoral Research Fellow
Gita Steiner-Khamsi Professor II Education, Globalization, Educational Reforms
Daniel Tröhler Professor II Education, Curriculum studies, Humanities
Anniken Hotvedt Sundby Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856627 +47 99330742 Education, Curriculum studies
Hilde Marie Madsø Jacobsen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22844821
Hedvig Abrahamsen Associate Professor Utdanningsledelse
Heidi Kleveland Lecturer
Chanwoong Baek Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22850452 Education, Curriculum studies