Participants in Challenges of Sustainability in Educational Research (Coser)

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Alfredo Jornet Gil Professor +47 22840146 +4795156142 (mob) +47 95156142 Informal learning, Science education, Inquiry-based learning, Situated cognition, sociocultural-perspective
Anniken Furberg Professor 22844914 Computer-based Collaborative Learning, Inquiry-based learning, Teaching in computer-based settings, Socio-cultural theory
Erik Knain Professor +47 22858252 Sustainability education, Inquiry-based learning, socio-scientific issues, scientific literacy
Elin Sæther Associate Professor +47 22858334 Social studies education, sustainability education, diversity, discourse analysis
Hanna Røkenes Doctoral Research Fellow ICT and learning, Socioemotional development, meaning making trajectories, education for sustainability
Heidi Kristensen Doctoral Research Fellow
Jonas Bakken Associate Professor +47 22845848
Jan Grannäs
Kari Anne Rødnes Associate Professor +47 22854834
Kari Beate Remmen Associate Professor +47 22845684
Kristin Beate Vasbø Associate Professor +47 22855371
Line Ingulfsen Student +47 22852920
Magdalena Kersting Postdoctoral Fellow Physics education, Science education, STEM, Technolog-based learning, Design-based research, history and philosophy of science
Marianne Ødegaard Professor +47 22858115
Nayla Joelle Naoufal
Ole Andreas Kvamme Lecturer +47 22844867 +4790011561 (mob)
Petra Hansson Postdoctoral Fellow
Silje Førland Erdal Lecturer
Øystein Gilje Professor +47 22858186