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Frontier Research in Educational Measurement (FREMO)

FREMO serves to build up an internationally recognizable profile in the field of educational measurement, and address issues of specific relevance for measurement in the Norwegian context.

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About the group

FREMO was established in 2018 to create an arena for research in educational measurement at the University of Oslo. Hosted by the Centre for Educational Measurement (CEMO), the research group FREMO creates a structure that supports the prioritised areas of research identified in the CEMO mission statement:

  1. Move the field of educational measurement forward

  2. Cover the full cycle of educational measurement

  3. Bring substantive and methodological experts together

  4. Address research or methods biases

Much of the research at CEMO is organized through externally and internally funded projects. There are intersections between these projects through joint methodological challenges. The research group will become our main strategical response to facilitate the mutual exchange of ideas and to establish environments for continuous joint discussions across the projects and across different units of the Faculty of Educational Sciences.


The activities of the research group are organized through joint events and through events in four separate strands:

Academic programmes and courses

Master in Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation

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