Brown Bag Seminar: Haakon Eidem Haakstad

Title: The impact of checklist-lengths on the diagnostic performance of OSCE-based pass/fail decisions

Abstract: The test-format known as the "Objective Structured Clinical Examination" (OSCE) has come to be considered the gold-standard of performance assessment in medical education. An essential component of OSCEs are "standardized checklists", which are thought to contribute to the  Objectivity of OSCEs by focusing examiners attention on whether examinees engage in behaviours deemed essential for successful  task-completion. The use of standardized checklists have however been criticized by several researchers and practitioners for a variety of reasons, particularly with respect to issues of reliability and  validity. We summarize the research critical of standardized checklists and attempt to counter-balance literature on what is potentially lost with what is potentially gained, utilizing simulation procedures and specificity/sensitivity analysis.

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Published Oct. 18, 2021 8:02 AM - Last modified Oct. 18, 2021 8:02 AM