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Knowledge, Learning and Governance: Studies in higher education and work (HEDWORK)

The HEDWORK group consists of senior researchers and research fellows who conduct research in higher education and work settings.

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HEDWORK studies processes of learning and development in higher education and work settings as well as how these are governed.

By bringing societal, political and epistemic processes together, the HEDWORK group carries out research that examines the conditions for academic and professional development in a society that is more and more based on expert knowledge.  Main areas for research include:

  • Organisation of knowledge, learning and developments in different expert cultures
  • Policy making and governance of higher education institutions and programmes
  • Teaching, learning and academic development in higher education

The group was established 01.07.2018 as a continuation of the former ExCID group at the Faculty of Education, UiO. The group organizes open academic seminars with internal and external speakers, and collaborate with a number of international scholars and groups.

Current projects

Academic programmes and courses

Group members are involved in teaching and supervision at the M. Phil Higher Education and the Master i Pedagogikk - Studieretning Kunnskapsutvikling og læring i arbeidslivet (in Norwegian) programme at IPED, as well as in the PhD programme at the Faculty of Education. Members of the group also offer courses in university pedagogy through the LINK centre for teaching and learning.


In order to get updates and information about events organized by HEDWORK, you can subscribe to the e-mail list If you are an employee or student at UiO you can do this directly at Sympa, for all others, see information here (in Norwegian).

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