HEDWORK guests

Below you find short info about current and former guests of the HEDWORK research group.

Former Guests

Farida Zagirova, visiting PhD in the Spring 2018

Farida is a PhD candidate in Education at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Her fields of interests are university governance and management, organisational matters in higher education, as well as promotion and development of universities global arena. Her PhD thesis focus on the University practices and strategies in dealing with academic diversity of student preparedness. You can read more about her background here.

Xilu Dong, visiting PhD from September 2017- September 2018


Xilu is a PhD candidate at the Wuhan University, China. Her field of research is mainly focused on university evaluation and educational policy. She has participated in projects related to undergraduate evaluation and graduate evaluation which all launched by the Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation.


Lina Markauskaite, PhD, visiting scholar from September-October 2016

Lina Markauskaite is an associate professor at the University of Sydney and the deputy director of the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation (CRLI). Her primary research area is concerned with understanding the nature of capabilities involved in complex (inter-)professional knowledge work and learning. Her work combines grounded, enacted cognition and socio-material views of knowledge and knowing and look at professional learning from, so called, “epistemic fluency” perspective. This theoretical account is elaborated in the co-authored book “Epistemic fluency and professional education: innovation, knowledgeable action and actionable knowledge (2016, Springer, co-authored with Peter Goodyear). Lina’s second research area is emerging interdisciplinary research methods. Her main work includes the coedited book “Methodological Choice and Design: Scholarship, Policy and Practice in Social and Educational Research” (2011, Springer, coedited with Peter Freebody and Jude Irwin) and the special issue of the British Journal of Educational Technology “e-Research for Education: Applied, Methodological and Critical Perspectives (2014, coedited with Peter Reimann).

Find more information about Lina on her profile at the University of Sydney.

Maren Klawitter, visiting PhD from April-June 2016

Maren is a PhD candidate at the University of Kassel, Germany. Her PhD project deals with responses of German universities   to   institutional pressures.  The  special  focus  of  her project  is  on  appointment  procedures  for  professorships. Overall,  a  mixed  methods  design  is  applied  to  approach  this  issue  in  two  stages.  In  the  first empirical  part,  she  has  analyzed quantitatively  how  institutional  changes  in  higher  education are reflected in employment advertisements for professorships. The second part of the project builds  upon  these  analyses  and  focuses  on  handling  of  employment  advertisements  for  the further  selection  process.  For this purpose, expert interviews with members of selection committees for professorships were conducted.

The PhD project is part of the project LiBerTas (http://www.dzhw.eu/projekte/pr_show?pr_id=400), which is funded by the Federal Ministry of  Education and Research (BMBF)) and  conducted at the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) in Hanover, Germany.

Jonas Krog Lind, visiting PhD from March-May 2016

Jonas is a PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science at the University of Kopenhagen.




Ksenia Romanenko , visiting PhD from March-April 2017

Ksenia received a MA in cultural studies and is now a PhD-student in the Institute of Education (National Research University «Higher School of Economics») and a junior researcher in the Laboratory for University Development. Her main research interests are connected to the issues of educational policies, students’ experience, and university culture and identities.


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