Sensegiving and strategic management in HEIs: the sensemaking and sensegiving processes of top level managers

by Lise Degn 

HEIK working paper 2013/02 

Lise Degn

(Århus University)


The top level management tier in many European higher education institutions have been strengthened significantly, as Rectors and Deans have become “strategic managers” with the responsibility of turning HEI’s into more active, entrepreneurial actors in society. This paper examines how these strategic managers simultaneously attempt to make sense and give sense in the face of these changing circumstances, and how new and old ideas, values and norms play into these processes. The findings suggest that while traditional academic norms may still be very influential, new ideas about HEI’s have found their way into both sensemaking and sensegiving efforts.


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Tags: higher education management, sensemaking, higher education, strategic management
Published Mar. 2, 2015 5:48 PM - Last modified Jan. 6, 2020 1:07 PM