Participants in Living and Learning in the Digital Age (LiDA)

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Anja Amundrud Forsker +47 22840720 Education, ICT and learning, EngageLab
Hans Christian Arnseth Professor +47-22855348 +47-92245443 (mob) Education, ICT and learning, USA
Victoria de Leon Born Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93034345 (mob) +47 93034345 Education, Identity, Modern childhood
Jan Arild Dolonen Chief Engineer +47 22840727 +47 40202461 Privacy, GDPR, Research ethics, Data processing, Data management, Education, ICT and learning, EngageLab, Learning analytics
Ola Andres Erstad Professor +47 22855216 Education, Modern childhood, ICT and learning, Global South
Kristinn Hegna Professor +47 22840711 Education, Modern childhood
Rogers Kaliisa Stipendiat +47 22845318 Education, ICT and learning
Anders Kluge Researcher +47 22840710 ICT and learning, Education
Kristina Torine Litherland Stipendiat Education, ICT and learning
Fengshu Liu Professor +47 22856163 Education, Modern childhood, Gender, China, Global South
Sten Ludvigsen Professor 74652 +4795774652 (mob) +4795774652 Education, learning and digitalization
Anders Mørch Professor +47 22840713 +47-48021736 Education, ICT and learning
Maren Omland Education, ICT and learning
Emily Oswald Senior Adviser +47 22840732 IDEA, innovation, digitization
Kenneth Pettersen Stipendiat +47 22859119 Education, Digital learning environments
Palmyre Pierroux Professor, Head of Research +47-22840737 +47-45432464 (mob) Informal learning, Digital learning environments
Ingvill Rasmussen Professor +47 22840749 Education, ICT and learning, Dialogic education, CPS, 21st century skill
Kenneth Silseth Professor +47 22857637 sociocultural-perspective, Dialogic education, ICT and learning, identity
Gro Skåland Stipendiat +47 22858652 Education, ICT and learning, Multimodality
Ole Smørdal Researcher +4793080473 (mob) Education, ICT and learning, Design-based research, Participatory design, Citizenship, EngageLab

Other participants