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Text Comprehension: Development, Instruction and Multiple Texts (TextDIM)

The research group focus on different aspects of literacy, such as literacy among language minority children, beginning reading skills, oral discourse as a precursor for literacy, text comprehension among postsecondary students, and reading of multiple sources.

There are many different aspects of literacy. The TextDIM research gorup explores them. Copyright: Colourbox

About the group

TextDIM is a research group at the Faculty of Education at the University of Oslo. The members of the group have all been involved in several research projects on different aspects of literacy, such as;

  • literacy among language minority children
  • beginning reading skills
  • oral discourse as a precursor for literacy
  • text comprehension among postsecondary students
  • reading of multiple sources.

Current focus areas

The research group is now focusing on four issues of high relevance to both ongoing research in the field and to practical questions in current education:

  • language development and text comprehension in young dual language learners 
  • teaching of text comprehension skills
  • student’s learning from and with multiple information sources

The core activity of the research group includes five different studies, all focusing on one or more of the three issues. The group also offers a course on master level and plan to organise doctoral courses and workshops with international collaborators.

Ongoing research projects


The group has been in contact with the following prominent international researchers, who have all agreed to be international partners and collaborators of the research group:

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