NATED track 3 candidates

The track 3 candidates belong to a variety of research institutions in Norway.

Gunnulfsen, Ann Elisabeth

School Leadership and the Enactment of Policy Demands. A Micro Political Perspective

The project aims to explore how government policy is negotiated by principals and teacher leaders (deputies, grade level leaders) as legitimate source of direction in schools. It is exemplified by the focus on policy about reading and numeracy in a Norwegian context.  The main question for the project is:  How do school leaders interpret, translate and enact the main challenge of policy demands related to national test results in reading and/or numeracy? Analytically the study will make use of “sense-making theory” and “frame analysis”, drawn from institutional theory. The project is considered to be a multi-case study, with a mixed method approach combining interviews, observation data from meetings, field notes on talk among school leaders and teachers and a survey among teachers.

PhD Programme Institution: Department of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Oslo

Henriksen, Øyvind H

What potential do dialogues between local education authorities and school leaders have for improving schools? - three years of action research in one municipality

Local education authorities struggle to improve schools.

School leaders miss support from above.

Can dialogues help?


Improve schools and administrators’ organizational skills.

Gain knowledge about the potential of management dialogues for improving schools.


What tensions are inherent in management dialogues?

What characterizes the dialogues?

How is development of knowledge created and distributed?

What related changes can be identified inside the local school?


Soft governance, organizational learning, professional learning communities.

Qualitative method:

Recordings of dialogues, interviews, reflection notes, local documents.

Counselling as a critical friend to the participants


PhD Programme Institution: Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences


Johannessen, Inger Lise

Leadership in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)

The aim of this research projects is to explore how ECEC leaders enact implementation processes with new reforms? This project will take place in the municipality of Tromsoe, where it has been a lot of local changes in the last teen years. Changes have  been done in organization structures from three levels to two levels of leadership. It has also been introduced a parliamentary way of leading the municipality, which the city council has the ultimate responsibility for. More specific will this project look at leaders enactment of local reforms as Assessment for Quality in ECEC in the municipality of Tromsoe. (In Norway is ECEC for children from 0-6 years, in other countries they call it nursery school, pre-school, child-care center etc.)  Methodologically will this project be based on qualitative one-to-one interviews of leaders in the ECEC sector on three different levels. Conceptual framework are translation, leadership, reforms, implementation, changes, structures and critical realism.

PhD Programme Institution: Department of Education, University of Tromsø

Research network: International Leadership Research Forum

Luimes, Maike

Legitimation and organization of vocational oriented subjects in lower secondary school in Norway and Germany

This PhD research project compares core curriculum change in view of transnational policies and school practices. In Norway, the new subject arbeidslivsfaget, a vocational oriented subject, is introduced in lower secondary. There exist subjects equivalent to the Norwegian arbeidslivsfaget in Germany, for instance in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). This study aims to address (i) how vocational oriented subjects in Norway and Germany (NRW) are legitimized within their institutionalized contexts, reflecting how education is structured by subject areas and school subjects, (ii) how subject matter is expressed in the curricula for vocational oriented subjects in lower secondary school in Norway and Germany (NRW) and (iii) how vocational oriented subjects in Norway and Germany (NRW) are legitimized within their institutionalized contexts. The data will consist of documents (curricula, legal documents and white, green and grey papers) and interviews with teachers in Norway and Germany (NRW).

PhD Programme Institution: Department of Education, University of Oslo

Tveitnes, Marianne Sandvik

Exploring the institutionalized 'Expert Knowledge' of the Educational Psychological Counselling Service (EPCS), and it's relation to the political vision of Inclusive Education.

The project is framed within institutional theory, and aims at exploring the nature of the 'Knowledges' carried and produced by the Norwegian EPCS. The project discuss the nature of these knowledges in relation to the political vision of Inclusive Education. Three related studies will be conducted. The first focus on the construction of EPCS, and is a historical analysis based on policy documents and guidelines. The second and third study are text analysis of 'Expert Assessments', and focus on the construction of the child referred for special education and on considerations regarding what kind of instruction it is appropriate to provide. Foucault's  Genealogy and Ricoeur's 'Theory of Text and Interpretation' direct the methodology.

PhD Programme Institution: University of Stavanger


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