Disputation: Cand.Ed. Ann-Cathrin Faldet

Cand.Ed. Ann-Cathrin Faldet defends her doctoral dissertation for the degree of Ph.d.:

Girls who perpetrate violence: an empirical study of girls' experiences of gang activity, family and schooling.

Ann-Cathrin Faldet

Trial lecture - time and place

Her trial lecture will be held Friday, December 20th 2013 at 10.15 - 11.00, Lecture Hall 3 , Helga Engs hus, Blindern

Lecture title:

Theories of risk- and protective factors in Development of externalized behaviour by youth.

Adjudication committee

  • Professor Mara Westling Allodi, Department of Special Education, Stockholms University, Sweden (1. opponent).
  • Professor Erling Roland,  Faculty of Arts and Ecucation, University of Stavanger (2. opponent).

3rd member of the committee and the committee's coordinator is Associate Professor Peer Møller Sørensen, Department of Special Needs Education, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo.

Chair of defence

  • Dean, Professor Berit Karseth, Faculty of Educational Sciences.


  • Professor Reidun Tangen, Department of Special Needs Education, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo.
  • Forsker Ragnhild Bjørnebekk, Psykologisk institutt, University of Oslo


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