Public Defence: Christiane Lingås Haukedal

Master Christiane Lingås Haukedal at the Department of Special Needs Education will defend her dissertaion "Quality of Life in Children with Hearing Loss" for the degree of PhD.

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Trial Lecture

Thyrsday, 10th of September, 2020, 1.00 pm, Zoom

The role of incidental learning in social communication


The Sdjudicating Committee

  • 1st opponent: Associate Professor Andrea D. Warner-Czyz, University of Texas, USA
  • 2nd opponent: Professor Carolien Rieffe, Leiden University, Nederland
  • Committee Chair: Komitéleder: Professor Emeritus Solveig-Alma Halaas Lyster, University of Oslo

Chair of Defence

Associate Professor Melanie Kirmess, University of Oslo


  • Professor Ona Bø Wie, University of Oslo
  • Professor Björn Lyxell, University of Oslo


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