Disputation: Master Cecilie Pedersen Dalland

Master Cecilie Pedersen Dalland defends her doctoral dissertation for the degree of Ph.d.:

Student-centered teaching methods: How do the use of work plans and oral presentations affect students' use of strategies.



Elin Borg

Trial lecture - time and place

Her trial lecture will be held Tuesday December 16th 2014 at 10.15 - 11.00, in Auditorium 3, Helga Engs hus, Blindern

Lecture title:

  • Ecletic theory use - content, possibilities and challenges.

Adjudication committee

  • Professor Elisabet Öhrn, Department of Education and Special Education, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (1. opponent).
  • Professor Thomas Nordahl, Hedmark University College(2. opponent)

Professor Bodil Stokke Olaussen, Department of Education, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo, is 3rd member of the Committee and the committee's coordinator.

Chair of defence

  • Deputy dean for studies, Associate Professor Eli Ottesen, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo


  • Professor Kirsti Klette, Department of Teacher Education and School Research, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo
  • Professor Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen, Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo


Additional information

The candidate has been admitted to the national Graduate School in Educational Research (NATED)


Information in Norwegian

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