Candidate Lisbet Skregelid

Title of dissertation:

Scenes of dissensus. A study of secondary school students' encounters With contemporary art in a school and art museum context.


The PhD thesis, which is within the field of art education, explores the potentialities of art and art education in and outside school. The study includes students from two secondary schools in Kristiansand, Norway who participate in three contemporary art exhibitions at SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum and related activities in the schools over a period of three years. The involved teachers, the educational curators and the researcher form partnerships that collaborate on the educational strategies and use principles from action research. Relational art didactic theory and philosophical perspectives by amongst Jacques Rancière are used to conceptualize the art educational practices and for analyzing the students' discussions about and reflections on the art exhibitions and the art educational strategies.

The PhD thesis, which is a monograph, discusses what encounters with art can lead to when they are organized in a collaboration across institutions, when visits to art museums become an integrated part of the teaching at school and when the experience from one visit builds on the previous one. In the study dissensus, which in the thesis is understood as art, disagreement and also as a premise for subjectivation, appears in various ways. As dissensus might cause changes in the students` ways of relating to both the artworks and the environment that surrounds them, as well as changes in the ways of relating to themselves and others, dissensus is also initiated by introducing the students to both art and art educational practice that contrasts the norm and disrupts the expected. Since art and art education here redefines the sensible, and how it is viewed and experienced, the political potential of art and art education is argued for. The PhD thesis differs from the art educational research and practice that is dominated by the language of learning and invites to consider Helga Eng´s ideas about art as overarching principles in school and society in general.

The dissertation will be completed at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Education, Department of Education and is funded by the University of Agder, Faculty of Fine Arts.





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