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Towards competency-oriented mathematics education. An investigation of task demands and teachers’ knowledge of task demands from a competency perspective.

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Digital Natives With Reading Difficulties. A study of dyslexic adolescents' integration of conflicting information across web pages and presentation formats

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Students’ sense making of feedback. Dialogue, interaction and emotions.

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Teacher and Student Perceptions of Current Feedback Practices in English Writing Insruction

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Teachers’ practices of supporting the social participation for children with autism in the informal environment of kindergarten. A critical interpretive case-study with a cross-cultural perspective.

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Beyond heritage and acculturation. Accounts of upbringing, choices, and plans from children of immigrants in prestigious higher education in Norway.

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Democracy and politics in upper secondary social studies. Students' perceptions of democracy, politics, and citizenship preparation.

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Productive feedback practices in higher education. Investigating social and epistemic relations in two undergraduate courses.

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Mutual Development in Online Collaborative Processes. Three Case Studies of Artifact Co-creation at Different Levels of Participation.

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Profiling and Researching TIMSS by Introducing a Content Lens on Eighth-grade Science (PARTICLES).

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Universal design for learning towards achieving inclusive higher education in Tanzania.

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How and what students read: A study of evaluation and document selection processes in task-oriented reading.