Open lecture with professor Anne Edwards

Professor II Anne Edwards at the Faculty of Educational Sciences will hold an open lecture with the title Resourceful Leadership: aligning professional motives in changing practices.

Photo: Anne Edwards

In this lecture Professor Anne Edwards draws on two recent studies of what organisational leaders do to build capacity and take forward changes in practices. The studies are based within cultural historical – Vygotskian framings which allowed the research teams to connect leaders’ actions in everyday activities with their strategic aims for their organisations. A major feature in the work of the leaders was their building of robust organisational narratives which helped different participants to align their own professional motives with those of the broader organisation.

In addition to discussing these two funded studies Anne Edwards will illustrate what can be gained from examining motives in practices by drawing on work from doctoral students in the OSAT Centre at Oxford. These studies include: how managers take insights from off-the-job training into the workplace and how teachers in a group of NGO-funded schools in India work with their local communities to engage them with the educational purposes of schooling.

Professor Anne Edwards

Anne Edwards is Professor of Educational Studies and Director of the Department of Education, University of Oxford and Professor II at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo.

Edward's recent research draws on cultural historical and activity theory approaches to learning and organisational change, focusing on professional learning and in particular the relational turn in expertise.

Her research on practice, professional expertise and inter-professional work also informs her interest in user engagement in research and its implications for the design of educational research.



Bente Hagtvet, Department of Special Needs Education, in collaboration with professor Frøydis Hertzberg, Department of Teacher Education and School Research.


Published Aug. 8, 2012 2:34 PM